Panforte…. the ultimate Italian Christmas cake


Pan Forte… the ultimate Italian Christmas cake
Nuts, chocolate, brandy….sounding good already? I think my pan forte is the best and it is mostly organic; being made using all my GaSP ingredients. All my panfortes are naturally¬†gluten free.

Available at the market: Slices to nibble with coffee / halves to take home.

Orders for whole panfortes will be ready to collect on my home shop open days (see above) starting Thursday Dec. 3rd.

$20 and $50 whole (available only by order, via email or in person)
$11 half (limited numbers available at every Cygnet market from Nov. 15th)
$6 slice (available at every Cygnet market from Nov 15th)

Monthly Food Gardening Workshops

The first of my monthly food gardening workshops will be happening next weekend …. practical, fun and packed with local information (where to get stuff around here, when to do stuff in this area, how to avoid doing too much stuff, what stuff is important and what is not, who to share your stuff with etc etc).

Together we will get our hands into the soil and learn while we do a range of activities. Every month will have new topics and experiences. I will help you achieve a productive, beautiful, edible garden to suit your budget and your lifestyle by sharing mine with you throughout the year.

$30 / person, $50 / couple,
children (accompanied by an adult) $15

Sunday, November 8th, 3pm – 5pm and same time, 2nd Sunday of the month thereafter.

Register your interest by adding your EMAIL to the list here:

Or send me an email (

Whether you already have a food garden or are just setting up, let me give you some tips to make your garden beautiful, your life less stressful, your food production suit your budget and household, as well as help you use what you grow, all year round.
Second Sunday of the month… beginning with
November 8th, 3pm – 5pm.
I would like to run monthly kitchen garden workshops throughout the year so you can follow the seasons with me and become comfortable with sowing seeds, raising seedlings, looking after the soil, incorporating nature and native plants, irrigation, managing insects and disease and much more.

I have lived in Tasmania now for 5 years and spent a lifetime before that growing food for my family in Adelaide. I started my first vegetable garden when I was 17 and my mother loved using it everyday. My father was a nurseryman and I grew up surrounded by 7 acres of nursery around our house. My mother says I have sap in my veins but I know nothing compared to my father, whose father before him started the nursery. I write the Kitchen Garden Guide for The Classifieds where I can indulge my love of writing, combined with my love of gardening.

Growing food and sharing it, cooking it and talking about it are really the essence of who I am. I like to look at the whole picture of world food for humans and spend many happy hours immersed in books to do with the history, geography and anthropology of vegetables. These are wonderful topics for rainy Sunday afternoon workshops!

Seed saving workshop