February at The Cygnet Market

My market stall on the stage at The Cygnet Market is where I showcase almost my full range of Garden Shed and Pantry products. 

See you at the market this Sunday, February 2nd

I guarantee that my products are fresh and I have a following of avid spice lovers who know to come to me for all their requirements as my spices are kept sealed and in the dark between markets. I also have yoghurt cultures and soon, milk kefir, when mine starts to multiply. English watering cans and best quality garden tools are my passion and I stock local seeds for growing the best vegetables in the Tasmanian climate. As well, I offer an eclectic range of garden and food books and Tasmania’s Clean Conscience eco-cleaning products.

If you would like a 5kg bag of anything from my lists below, please send me an email and I will hold one aside for you as I only take a limited number of them and they sell quickly. Gluten free is a special interest of mine.

The market is now one of the best in Tasmania not just for tourists but for those wanting to buy fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses, wholefoods, dried fruits, olives, olive oils, eggs and coffee. Artisan cakes and pastries as well as Sally’s superb Chinese dumplings, fresh stir fries and savoury pancakes nestle into the hall with Ed’s perfect English pork pies and Cathy’s moist Dundee cake.

Annie is a milliner and her hats are world class; all designed and made by her in Cygnet. You will also find an extensive and infectious collection of rocks, fossils  and more from around the world, at Mike’s stall. Add to that the craftsmanship of local artists, sewers, photographers and card makers and you can soon see that Cygnet is the place to be on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, 10am – 2pm, all year round!

You can find all my prices on these links:

 Grains, flours, pulses and seeds price list


L’Abruzzese Organic, Australian Pastas

The Rest of the Pantry: Oils, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Honeys etc

The Garden Shed: Tools, Seeds etc

Totally recycled cooking oil becomes soap and fuel

Mike takes vegetable oil from our local fish and chip shop, Devour, and turns it into bio-diesel which runs 3 vehicles. What is left over is raw glycerine. Ever the inventor and not wanting to waste a drop of the earth’s resources, Mike has been experimenting with making liquid soap and now has it to a stable stage, neither too hard nor too runny, in all temperatures.

Bring a jar to the market or to GaSP at 4 Winns Rd., for a free sample as Mike wants your feedback!

  Bio­Soap K

∙           Raw glycerine (derived from blended vegetable oils)
Potassium Hydroxide (70gm/litre of raw glycerine)
Eucalyptus oil and/or other fragrance

Bio­K­Soap is particularly effective on vegetable, animal and mineral grease
Makes glassware, and ceramics sparkle
∙           Use on sinks, baths, toilets, floors and walls

Black soaps are a highly prized, hand made product common in many African countries. Properties and ingredients vary considerably from one district to another, but in addition to natural vegetable oils, plantain skins and coco bean pods are often included.

Happy New Year from GaSP

With a 3 week gap between markets it has been a nice opportunity to close the Garden Shed and Pantry door and open the door to the garden. I have weeded, mowed, slashed and planted as well as finding time to sit and have coffee on my veranda; allowing my head to empty of schedules and orders and customers!

The first day of January 2014 has arrived and back to GaSP I am bound. Today I opened the Pantry door again started preparing for the next Cygnet market this Sunday, January 5th.

You can read the newsletter I sent out to the 192 people on my customer emal list. There is a new sourdough workshop marked in my diary for Feb. 21 / 22. Read the newsletter and follow the links for all the information and to book.

There is also some news of my future plans in that newsletter and I would love your feedback.

I would like to wish all of you a happy, healthy and fun 2014.

See you soon!