April Newsletter… BIG news!

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The Garden Shed and Pantry evolves
Almost 8 years ago, a few months after I arrived in Cygnet, I started selling gardening stuff and organic, Australian wholefoods in a tiny little enterprise I called The Garden Shed and Pantry.

It has grown and supported me; it has brought me in touch with people who care about their health and that of the earth and many of you have become my friends. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey.

Now it is time to hand the reigns to Paola Tanner and Esther Cooke, two young mothers with a passion for healthy food for their families and a desire to share the passion with all of you. I could not have dreamt of better custodians for The Garden Shed and Pantry.

Over the next couple of months they will be learning everything about the ins and outs of every single item I stock; the growers, the ethics, the pricing, the newsletters and the needs of you, the customers. No stone will be left unturned!

I am not leaving Cygnet and I will continue with my sourdough and other workshops. Please come to the Cygnet Market this Sunday and meet Esther who will be helping me on my stall. She is a warm, cheerful, knowledgeable, community spirited woman who I first met through Crop Swap. I am confident you will all smile when you meet her.

Local, Campo de Flori Saffron on 936 Country Hour today at noon
Listen today or find the podcast online later. An enlightening interview with Lisa, who grows, packages and sells the saffron at Glen Huon. Hers is the saffron I sell too and her ethics perfectly align with mine. Lisa and her saffron will also be on ABC Landline at a time to be announced.

Organic, Australian chickpeas
Autumn is here and in our gardens there is abundance of seeds and nuts and dried beans. And so it is that our bodies are telling us we need seeds, nuts and dried beans and peas too. Check out my chickpea tagine recipe, and other, below….

Almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and walnuts are here
Fresh is extremely important with nuts and seeds as  they contain a lot of oil which quickly goes rancid, once the nuts are cracked from their shells and exposed to air. I have continuous, fresh supplies. Read more about nuts and their enzymes, below ….

Hughsli is back
Hugh’s irresistible lamingtons and lemon tarts will be at this coming market. You will find them at my stall. $5. Nothing ordinary!

2 thoughts on “April Newsletter… BIG news!

  1. Lynda, how wonderful of you to stay in touch and make such lovely comments. I am so pleased you still eat the sprouted rye and Nuage Blanc!! I hope all is well with you.
    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Kate,
    That is BIG news! Congratulations on your decision and also for creating a fabulous business.
    I admire your passion and your ethics, and I hold no doubt they will sustain you in all your future endeavours.
    Best wishes
    Lynda Darya
    (Who??? I stayed with you in 2016 and said Hi last September. I’m still eating spouted rye and love Nuage blance cheese because of you 😋!!!)


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