October Newsletter

New L’Abbruzzese Organic Pastas
Adrian at L’Abbruzzese has introduced me to an expanded range of their organic, Australian pastas. Made in Adelaide by an Italian family, these are the best dried pastas I know of and are so reasonably priced, compared to others I have seen. See more here…..

Pat and Lina’s Wild Olives
Everyone loves the olives that Lina sends me from their farm, just north of Adelaide. Pat and Lina use no chemicals and just the old fashioned, Italian way of extracting the bitterness from raw olives by soaking them in barrels for months and months. The greener, jumbos take up to 9 months to be ready! Read more here….

Shani’s Kitchen Crafts
Shani helps me at the first market of each month and this Sunday we will have on my stall some of her fantastic, hand made pot holders and pot scrubbers, all made from recycled fabrics and fibres….. as well as her 100% natural Soap for Gardeners. I have bought some of each and can highly recommend them. These would all make fabulous, unique and beautiful  presents too. 

Vitamins are made by living things (plants and animals). Minerals come from the soil and water and are absorbed by plants and eaten by animals. If the soil lacks minerals, so will the plants (and animals) you eat and so will you. Low magnesium is something many people have. Read more here….

Hugh’s lamingtons and GF breads
Again you would be best to be to the market early to get some of Hugh’s very popular lamingtons, vanilla slices, lemon tarts and GF sourdough breads at my stall. No matter how much he makes, it always sells out!

Next Crop Swap October 7th, 11am – 1pm
More than 20 people came to our second gathering, on the Saturday morning of August 12th. It was a a blast, with 2 tables packed to overflowing with plants, seeds, produce, baked goods, books, lemons, rhubarb and more. Everyone was smiling. It was such a great vibe.

Everyone is welcome to our gatherings, whether or not you have anything to share. Come for a coffee and chat. Come alone or with friends and family. Gather in my front shed. Join the Crop Swap Cygnet and Surrounds facebook page for updates or ask me to put you on the email list. Read more here
Sundried apricots, pears, plums and peaches
Kevin and Cindy’s fabulous, new season’s organic, sundried fruits are selling like hotcakes! Read more here and my recipe….

Campo de Flori Saffron
Lisa grows saffron on her beautiful farm at Glen Huon. I am now stocking her glass jars of saffron and her recipe cards.  Economic jar refills are also welcome. This is my kind of ethical philosophy! Read more here…..

Square eftpos
The Garden Shed and Pantry now has credit card, debit card, chip and contactless payment facilities! Square is a simple and cheap system suited to every form of transaction. It may be cheap but it is not free, so I would still prefer cash but no longer will there be any inconvenience if you do not have enough cash with you! 

Pine Nut Crusted Orange Cake

orange and pine nut cake

orange and pine nut cake

Ancient Greeks and Romans savoured pine nuts preserved in honey, and legionaires took them to Britain under Roman rule.  This recipe has several flavours of the Mediteranean – pine nuts, oranges and olive oil.  They blend together perfectly to give a subtle taste and wonderful texture.

50g Pine Nuts

150g rapadura sugar

120ml Patlin Gardens Olive Oil

2 eggs, separated

finely grated zest of 1 large orange

120ml of fresh orange juice

200g Four Leaf Organic 85% Flour

1 tbsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 180C.  Put the pine nuts on a baking tray and brown in the oven for 7-8 minutes.  Oil the base of a 20cm springform cake tin, then line the base with baking paper.  Use the additional 1 teaspoon each of sugar and flour to dust the sides of the tin, and shake out any excess.

  • Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then leave to one side.
  • Whisk the yolks and sugar until well combined and pale, then whisk in the oil, followed by the orange zest and juice.
  • Sift the flour and baking powder together and fold into the egg mixture.
  • Fold in the egg whites and transfer the mixture to the prepared tin.
  • Sprinkle the mixture with the toasted pine nuts and bake for 40-45 minutes until well risen and lightly springy to the touch.
  • Cool until you can touch the tin easily, then remove the cake and transfer it to a wire rack.

This cake is delicious served fresh from the tin on its own or with slices of orange or other fresh stone fruits.

Store it in an airtight container if not eaten straight away.


This recipe and 100 others appear in Kew’s Global Kitchen Cookbook.  Kew’s Global Kitchen Cookbook is a celebration of the amazing variety of edible plants.  It brings together 101 delicious recipes using plants from all corners of the globe, along with stories of their history and discovery, richly illustrated with historic botanical art from the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Kew's Global Kitchen Cookbook

Kew’s Global Kitchen Cookbook

Get this and other fabulous cooking and gardening books from the Cygnet Market or The Garden Shed and Pantry.

October newsletter and Pat the TV star!

New Season’s Jumbo Olives
Just arrived: first buckets of 2014 Jumbo kalamatas.
Pat and Lina naturally ferment the olives for several months (unlike shop olives that are chemically treated for speed). At every step of the way care is taken to keep to the old, Italian ways. See below for news of Pat and Lina…..
Nov. Sourdough Workshop: It is always a joy having sourdough workshops in my kitchen as I know that everyone will go home happy, successful and confident to make many more wonderful, nutritious, delicious loaves.
Click here for more info.
Click here to book (add your EMAIL, not your name, to the list so I can send you a confirmation and payment email. You must come to both sessions so please tick BOTH boxes)
Cast Iron Pots
I now have a small supply of the perfect cast iron pots for baking your sourdough. Anyone who has done one of my workshops will be clambering to get one!
Only taking 2 to the market. Please come and buy from me at home. 
 GaSP home shop opening times:
Thursday afternoons 2pm – 6pm
+ Friday mornings 9am – 12 noon
+ by request 

4 Winns Rd., Cygnet
By request means that you are welcome to ring me or send me an email to arrange an alternative time to suit you.
Here's Pat, from Patlin Gardens who grows the olives and oils I sell, with Jimmy Doherty making a new series about Australian Food Adventures

Here’s Pat, from Patlin Gardens who grows the olives and oils I sell, with Jimmy Doherty making a new series about Australian Food Adventures

Pat and Lina, the olives and oils people, to star in TV show!
Here’s Pat, from Patlin Gardens who grows the olives and oils I sell, with Jimmy Doherty making a new series about Australian Food Adventures. Pat and Lina are market gardeners north of Adelaide and I love Pat’s sense of humour and natural farming style ; growing his veg between the rows of olive trees. It is lovely to see that he and Lina will be stars soon! There is no-one more committed to the vitality of food than Pat. I hope you will all watch this new series and meet Pat. Those who are devotees of their olives can vouch for their naturally fermented, old style, Italian know how.(Jimmy Doherty (born 24 May 1975) is a Suffolk based farmer and television presenter formerly for the BBC and now for Channel 4, famous for the show Jimmy’s Farm. Friends with Jamie Oliver.)

Pat and Lina’s Olives and Oils

Everyone who goes to the Showgrounds Farmers’ Market in Adelaide knows that Pat and Lina have the best, most organic (uncertified these days) vegetables, olives and oils.

Their stall spreads over 4 normal stall areas and out the front Pat spruiks his wares, whilst trimming garlic, arranging pumpkins or waving bunches of kale at queuing customers. Everyone who enters the marquee has to pass by Pat, who is likely to offer advice on the vitality of fresh organic vegetables and answers your questions on how to cook them or grow them. They grow a lot of Italian things which are unfamiliar to some people but Pat has all the help you need.

His quick wit and cheeky smile attract you immediately to him and he is the centre of focus while the queue slowly files through. Keeping his customers relaxed, educated and happy is important because sometimes the queues are long, so popular are the amazing array of vegetables, none of which has ever seen plastic, from seed to stall. No poly tunnels for Pat and he will tell you why….. all about the off-gassing of plastic and the horrors of plastic production and disposal. I love Pat!

It is from Pat that I learnt about chicory, like the one he is holding in the photo below, that I took at his stall. Now my garden is a haven for all self sown chicories, which are the best winter greens I know and are soooo beautiful too with colours from lime green to.bright red.

Here is Pat, showing my son Hugh and myself around his olive and market garden in Angle Vale, SA


I sell Pat and Lina’s beautiful olive oils at a fabulous price because olives grow like weeds in the mediterranean climate of SA.


Pat spruiking his chicories at the Showgrounds Farmers’ Market, Adelaide.

February at The Cygnet Market

My market stall on the stage at The Cygnet Market is where I showcase almost my full range of Garden Shed and Pantry products. 

See you at the market this Sunday, February 2nd

I guarantee that my products are fresh and I have a following of avid spice lovers who know to come to me for all their requirements as my spices are kept sealed and in the dark between markets. I also have yoghurt cultures and soon, milk kefir, when mine starts to multiply. English watering cans and best quality garden tools are my passion and I stock local seeds for growing the best vegetables in the Tasmanian climate. As well, I offer an eclectic range of garden and food books and Tasmania’s Clean Conscience eco-cleaning products.

If you would like a 5kg bag of anything from my lists below, please send me an email and I will hold one aside for you as I only take a limited number of them and they sell quickly. Gluten free is a special interest of mine.

The market is now one of the best in Tasmania not just for tourists but for those wanting to buy fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses, wholefoods, dried fruits, olives, olive oils, eggs and coffee. Artisan cakes and pastries as well as Sally’s superb Chinese dumplings, fresh stir fries and savoury pancakes nestle into the hall with Ed’s perfect English pork pies and Cathy’s moist Dundee cake.

Annie is a milliner and her hats are world class; all designed and made by her in Cygnet. You will also find an extensive and infectious collection of rocks, fossils  and more from around the world, at Mike’s stall. Add to that the craftsmanship of local artists, sewers, photographers and card makers and you can soon see that Cygnet is the place to be on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, 10am – 2pm, all year round!

You can find all my prices on these links:

 Grains, flours, pulses and seeds price list


L’Abruzzese Organic, Australian Pastas

The Rest of the Pantry: Oils, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Honeys etc

The Garden Shed: Tools, Seeds etc

Buying Olive Oil in bulk

Because our olive oil from Patlin Gardens is so popular, we are now offering three sizes for customers to purchase.

We have the standard 750ml (in a recycled wine bottle) which we sell for $12.

We also have the 5 litre container available for sale.  The 5 litre container is $60 which is a 25% saving on the bottle size.

We also have the 20 litre container available for sale.  The 20 litre container is $225 which is a 30% saving on the bottle size.

The 20 litre container price includes the cost of the container (can be recycled). A tap can be provided for $5 if necessary.

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are discussed here.

This season the two olive oils that are available are:


A Spanish variety of olive where the oil is fresh and aromatic and has a hit of pepper…. and;


An Italian variety of olive where the oil has a more mellow, rounded and flavoursome character.

You may find they taste quite a bit different to you – all tastes are individual.

olive oil large or small

olive oil 750 ml or 5 litre

Whenever I go back to Adelaide, I love to visit Pat and Lina at their stall, Patlin Gardens, at the Showgrounds Farmers’ Market in Adelaide.  They always have great vegies, home made dips and various olives to eat at the Market. There are always long queues at the stall because Pat and Lina are well known for their great, organic produce and healthy cooking advice.  Their olives and olive oils have also won awards from the Australian Olive Society.

Olive Oil from Patlin Gardens can be obtained from the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

…and don’t forget folks….Oils aint Oils!

Pat and vegie barrow

Pat and vegie barrow

The early bird…

Well, it’s now officially December.  And it’s just a few weeks to Christmas.  Avid market fans know that they need to be arriving early to get the best pickings…pretty similar to a garage sale really…. but this time, simply by buying something from our stall, early birds can have some free raspberry canes, dug from my garden a few days ago. They have been kept in a bucket of Seasol, in the shade and are bursting to get growing in your garden.

Directing Traffic

Julie Directing Traffic

What do we have this week?  Organic Sprouting Mix, Dried Figs, Almonds and lots of other snack packs, marinated olives and olive oil (of course), and organic grains including Quinoa.  For Christmas presents, we have gardening tools and beautiful watering cans (but not many left now).  For the person who loves to cook, we have brass spice grinders from Turkey.  It’s not too late to grab some MRO organic dried fruit for the Christmas Cake.  Maybe we will still have a Panforte or two but they are disappearing fast!

Welcome to..

Welcome to GaSP stall at Cygnet Market.

Anyway, by the time you read this, we’ll be on our way to the Cygnet Town Hall to set up and have another great market.  Don’t forget it’s another DOUBLE Market.  See you there folks!

Early birds at the Cygnet Market (9am)

Early birds at the Cygnet Market (9am)