December newsletter… oh lalala

Closing dates
The Garden Shed and Pantry will be closed from December 23rd to February 1st and I will not be at any January markets.

Someone keeps removing my garden Shed and Pantry sign from the tree at the entrance to my driveway and throwing it in the bushes! Now it has disappeared altogether but THE GARDEN SHED AND PANTRY IS STILL OPEN AT MY REGULAR TIMES SO DO DRIVE IN.

Four Leaf flours and grains reduced to clear 
One of my promises to you, my customers, is that whatever I sell you will always be fresh and that includes all flours and grains. So as not to have supplies languishing in my store room over January, when I am closed, I am selling off all remaining Four Leaf flours and grains at 10% off, to clear the decks before Christmas!

This includes at my home and both December markets. If you come to my home shop I will give you an even better deal for larger purchases. But be quick, as supplies are dwindling already.

Reduced to clear:Sundried apricots, pears, plums and peaches
Kevin and Cindy’s fabulous, certified organic, sundried fruits are selling like hotcakes! Now, 15% off for 400g or more. Read more below …

Hughsli raspberry lamingtons, lemon tarts, vanilla slices and his famous GF, paleo, grain and dairy free carrot cake
No matter how much he makes, it always sells out! Be early and don’t go home disappointed!

Natural Therapies offered by my amazing house sitters!
I am off to my shack on the beach in SA. My Cygnet house and garden will be looked after by some friends of mine, who have incredible experience in various natural therapies, as outlined here…

Offering a wonderful range of deep relaxing therapeutic treatments in Cygnet, surrounded by beautiful nature and gardens.

Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, Infertility Reflexology, Reiki and Classical Homoeopathy.

We treat a variety of health issues or just come in relax, de stress and rejuvenate.

Some of the issues that can be treated: joint/back/knee/shoulder pains, headaches, migraines, menstrual difficulties, menopause, pregnancy conditions, infertility, stress, poor circulation, diabetes and many more. Ring and just talk to us to see how we can help.


Reflexology – $50 hour

Reiki – $50 hour

Homoeopathy – $80 hour plus $15 per remedy

PHONE Ashi and Michael:   0400 234 145

What is a gift?
I love giving presents. All year round I have my friends and family in my head as I cruise around markets and so on. It is amazing how often I see something that is perfect for so and so, made by the stall holder. I gather them up and put them in my “presents” drawer for the giving day. To me, that is what a gift is; something I randomly find while the person is in my thoughts.

It seems to me that most shops should just be called “Made in China”. I seriously often want to ask at the counter “Do you have anything in here that is made in Australia?” Even most of the mementos sold on the Spirit of Tasmania are made in China. It makes my head spin.

There are several reasons why I care where things are made and they all come down to concern for our effect on life on earth. I do not want to be even a small part of reducing habitat for orangutans, platypuses, Tassie devils, elephants, frogs or our unique flora. Plants and insects are the life force of our planet and nothing can live without their enormous (but shrinking) diversity.

I will not give gifts that are shipped up and down and around the world or made of fibres that last thousands of years or contribute to climate change / pollution / poverty/ or to harming the soil. Once you wipe out all those options, you are left with beautiful, local, natural things.

Come and look through my wares, with your family and friends in your thoughts and you may find just the thing to give them and you can be sure that it is only going to do good and not harm to life on earth.

Check out some of my suggestions below….


Square eftpos
The Garden Shed and Pantry now has credit card, debit card, chip and contactless payment facilities! Square is a simple and cheap system suited to every form of transaction. It may be cheap but it is not free, so I would still prefer cash but no longer will there be any inconvenience if you do not have enough cash with you! 


Home shop open times are on the photo at the top of the newsletter.
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