Shortest Day, Longest Afternoon Tea invitation

Four very enthusiastic cooks from 4 different parts of the world, who all are now living in Cygnet area, are keen to spoil you with 8 very different and full of flavoured dishes as a Solstice Day treat (4 of these dishes will be prepared in front of you, with fine-tuned, kitchen choreography)! You can sit and watch or participate, as you wish. Then we will all indulge in an extravaganza of tastes as we eat our way through 4 continents!

Book by adding your EMAIL to the booking sheet. We will contact you soon for payment of $60.

Shortest Day Longest Afternoon Tea


Whole Food Workshop Menu draft

I have been leafing through my favourite recipes and pouring over 3 of my favourite food books every morning from about 5.30am to 7am, for the last 10 days, to make our cooking-in-my-kitchen workshop educational, healthy, fun and 100% delicious.

The menu below is the first draft; it is ALL the things I would like to include but some may be culled or changed as I work out our time schedule and finalise the number of cooks in the kitchen and how much I need to do beforehand. Most things are gluten free, except the sourdough bread for dipping in the dukkah and the whole rye side.

There are still a couple of places left. Add your EMAIL to my booking sheet. The workshop is on May 28th from 10am – 2pm, in my kitchen at 4 Winns Road, Cygnet. Price $65. We cook, we talk and learn (well….. I mostly talk, you mostly learn 🙂 then we eat. Includes all recipes + 10% off all purchases from my Garden Shed and Pantry home shop.


Dukkah + sourdough + walnut, parsley pesto dip + carrot sticks


Pea and ham soup or corn bread and beans


Wakame seaweed, soaked, as entrée side with…

Home smoked trout


Smorgasbord …..

Quinoa tabbouleh

Veg. patties

Sauerkraut (already brewing in my laundry)

Lentil and bacon bake

Rick Stein’s fabulous lamb curry with homemade chapatis

Cooked rye grains (rain-fed rice for GF)

Whole baby chicories from my garden with pinenuts

Fennel and mandarin salad

Broccoli with lemon


Golden Rough chia pudding

Fruit tart with nut pastry


Nettle tea from the garden