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I started caring more about food growing systems and their effects, first on my family’s health and then on the health of the planet, back in the 1980’s. The more I learned about so-called “conventional farming”, the more I realised that the use of the word “conventional” was a farce. The introduction of chemicals to agriculture only began in the 1950’s, after the development of chemical warfare during World War 2. Previously, for 10,000 years, humans had farmed organically. I decided to eat foods only grown organically, wherever possible.

When I moved to Cygnet, Tasmania, I could not buy many of the organic wholefoods I had enjoyed in Adelaide, South Australia. So, as I also needed to make some money, I thought this would make a nice business to compliment the shops of Cygnet and supply all around me with pure, healthy foods. I researched every corner of the internet and found that most of what I sought was not available anywhere in Tasmania. I contacted the various people whose products I had bought for so many years in Adelaide and launched “The Garden Shed and Pantry” in 2011.

I stock mostly organic, Australian products which I source direct from the farmer (for example dried apricots) or maker (for example pasta). I do not buy organic products from overseas if it is grown in Australia. I stock anything grown in Tasmanian that I can find, including linseed, spelt, oats and buckwheat.

Please follow the link to my price lists here.  My prices are very competitive and everything I sell is fresh.   I order frequently and believe that a lot of the health problems people have are due to rancid, poor quality foods sold on supermarket shelves as health foods.

I also like to grow a lot of my food and I run not just cooking workshops in my kitchen but also gardening workshops in my garden.  I started a seed saving group called SeedSaveUs. The local paper, The Classifieds, runs a double page garden column once a month and I have been writing this for about 3 years or so now.

My stall at The Cygnet Market has now taken over the stage and there I sell some of everything from my home shop, which is in a room off my kitchen. I endeavour to continue to add more wonderful, Australian, organic products whenever I find them through word of mouth or online, through my constant research.

You can read more about the things that matter to me on my blog, Vegetable Vagabond.

Please contact me with your enquiries.

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