March 1st newsletter

Almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and walnuts have arrived!
Almost everyone in Cygnet buys the almonds I get from Richard at Willunga Almonds in South Australia. As many of you will know, he sold his property recently so future supplies, from the new owners, are not certain. However, I have managed to buy some more of his remaining harvest and they will be available again from this market. $20 / kg

Fresh is extremely important with nuts and seeds as  they contain a lot of oil which quickly goes rancid, once the nuts are cracked from their shells and exposed to air. I have continuous, fresh supplies. Read more about nuts and their enzymes and a fabulous Seed Brittle recipe, below ….

April Sourdough & Cultured Butter Workshop
Stay tuned for details on this one, coming to your inbox later today.

Help Needed
I have had huge support from you, my customers, over the 7 years I have been having my Cygnet Market Stall and I am calling out for a little more help. I need someone to help me by coming to the market at 2pm and taking to my car (parked just outside the door) the leftover boxes from the market. I pack everything up and without a helper it takes far too long and poor Julie, who locks up the hall, is waiting and waiting for me as everyone is finished and gone. My most recent helper is not well so I hope to find another 🙂

Hughsli is back
Hugh had a wonderful time doing the Overland track and is now back and ready to delight us again with his irresistible cakes and tarts at this coming market. You will find them at my stall.

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Square eftpos
The Garden Shed and Pantry now has credit card, debit card, chip and contactless payment facilities! Square is a simple and cheap system suited to every form of transaction. It may be cheap but it is not free, so I would still prefer cash but no longer will there be any inconvenience if you do not have enough cash with you! 


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