New Products and April Newsletter snippets

Four Leaf rolled rye (left), rolled oats (centre) and rolled spelt (right)

Four Leaf rolled rye (left), rolled oats (centre) and rolled spelt (right)

Everyone knows rolled oats but did you know about rolled rye and rolled spelt? They can be used just as rolled oats (in muesli, porridge, breads etc). They both have an excellent, nutty flavour and below you can read about the health benefits of rye, which is a grain virtually in its original, natural state (as is spelt), not having been selected and manipulated by humans for agriculture, unlike wheat. Four Leaf have called them “flakes”, as you can see in the photo.

Also new this week are sunflower chips; simply sunflower seed pieces that have broken off during milling. At a little over half the price of whole sunflower seeds they are a fantastic, economical product.

I stock only organic, Australian-grown, Australian-milled grains of the highest quality. I deal direct with the farmers and millers, not a distributor. This is why I can get grains milled to order. When they are freshly milled, they are at their peak, nutritionally. I know of no other shop or person who can say this about their products, anywhere in Tasmania!

Many people ask me about Laucke and Kialla, which are sometimes cheaper than mine. Yes they are Australian companies but their grains come from all over the world. To me, this is not good enough; I am Australian and I want to buy from Australian farmers and millers. Think of all the food miles, lost revenue for our farmers and our country and the lack of accountability when it comes to food safety.

The only things I sell that are not Australian are rapadura sugar, raw cacao powder, coconut oil, vanilla beans, spice grinders, watering cans and some books.


Facts about rye
Wholegrain rye, when cool-milled on stone and with all of its bran and germ intact, has the capability of reducing and eliminating vessel and plaque calcification in the blood vessels. Basically, it restores suppleness and unclogs blood vessels. Rye also re-energizes anaemic bodies and can rebuild the digestive system. (From “Healing with Wholefoods: Asian Tradition and Modern Nutrition”)

Four Leaf rolled rye is cool-milled, wholegrain rye and retains all of these qualities.

My sourdough starter is fed only Four Leaf wholegrain rye flour, making it not just foolproof but bringing all the health benefits of wholegrain rye into every loaf of bread I make. Another reason to come to one of my sourdough workshops! I make a wonderful 100% rye bread which is half whole rye grains, cooked in water then soaked all day in white wine, before being combined with the rye flour and sourdough starter. (Recipe from The Handmade Loaf. Available from me.)

Rolled rye makes wonderful porridge either by itself or mixed with rolled oats or rolled spelt. I add a tablespoon of ground linseed, a grated apple and 2.5 cups of liquid / 1 cup of rolled grains. Bring quickly to a simmer and leave to gently simmer for 20 – 30 minutes (while I have a shower and get dressed!). When done, I add a handful of organic blueberries (frozen), allow the heat to thaw them for a few minutes then serve the porridge with a dollop of cream.

Rolled rye and rolled spelt porridge cooking on my stove.

Rolled rye and rolled spelt porridge cooking on my stove.


April & May Workshops

  • Fermenting and Sprouting
    Along with sourdough bread making,fermenting and sprouting are ancient crafts being now recognised for their health-giving properties and simple preparations.

Whether you want to stay healthy, regain vitality or are unwell, fermenting and sprouting will help you.
Workshop and booking details here.

  • Naturally Gluten Free
    Everyone can benefit from reducing gluten in their diet. I do it too. Some cereal grains have been manipulated to grow the world over, processed to remove all their goodness, then baked in ways that leave the gluten in a state that causes many people harm.

It is good to know help is at hand to lead you to eating delicious, nutritious, easily prepared, gluten free food. Workshop and booking details here.

  • Foolproof Sourdough
    Dates to be decided. Keep an eye on this website and facebook page for updates. I love these workshops and only need 6 – 8 participants. If you have some friends you’d like to do a workshop with, I am happy to fit in with your dates. Send me an email and get the ball rolling.