Beautiful, English Watering Cans

A new delivery of Watering Cans (in new season colours) has just arrived.  Galvanized or enamel, they will provide a lifetime of use around the garden.  They are the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Pictured below is (from left to right) the galvanised waterfall 9 litre can from Burgon & Ball, the slimline 5 litre can and the professional longreach 9 litre can, both from Haws and made in Sheffield, England.  The slimline comes in red, green and now cream.  The longreach can comes in black or red.  The slimline and longreach cans from Haws are hot dip galvanised then powder coat painted for maximum protection.  They come supplied with an oval all brass rose.

If your dog has chewed your old plastic watering can, or if you want  a high quality watering can (as used by the folks on Gardening Australia) then we have just what you need.

The prices are very competitive, starting at $75.

Watering Can range

Watering Can range

You can check out the watering cans at the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful, English Watering Cans

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