Closed 27/08 for one day only

Hugh and I are off to The Agrarian Kitchen for the day on Thursday.

Open as usual on Friday morning.

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Fermented Drink Cultures

Kombucha with apples and cardamon

Kombucha with apples and cardamon

Spices and seasonal fruits can be added to water kefir and kombucha to make a never ending range of beautiful, healthy and delicious drinks.

I love to whizz milk kefir in the blender with a banana and some blueberries for a great start to the day.

Milk kefir grains, water kefir beads and kombucha scoby are all available from me, continuously refreshed and always made from my original, living, home cultures (not from dried cultures).

The photo is of jars of kombucha loaded with diced apples and crushed cardamon pods which you can do too!

New Workshop with Hugh and Kate: Gluten free, sugar free baking and breakfast

Saturday August 29th, 3pm – 4.30pm + Sunday August 30th, 8.30am – 10am


Hugh did gluten free baking for 5 years in his Hughsli business in Adelaide and he is going to share his tips and recipes with us in this workshop He will change your opinion that gluten free food is boring, restrictive and complicated! Instead you will be amazed how easy it is to use naturally gluten free ingredients. Many of his recipes are also sugar free and equally delicious.

gluten free grains4-DSC_0005

I have been wanting to a gluten free breakfast workshop for ages as I accidentally discovered that many of my favourite breakfasts are naturally gluten free.

The Saturday afternoon will be discussion about and creation of Hugh’s specialities which blends well with the preparation of my gluten free breakfasts.

Sunday morning will be a feast of our freshly prepared foods fit for a king.

The workshop includes all the recipes and I offer 10% off everything purchased at The Garden Shed and Pantry during the workshop. Most of the ingredients we use are things I already sell.

Add your EMAIL (not your name) to the booking sheet here.

Johnston Almonds just arrived!

Hooraaaay. “Johnstons” the world’s best almonds, developed and grown in Willunga (South Australia), have been cracked and finally arrived yesterday. $20 / kg. Guaranteed the best almonds you will ever have eaten!

Johnston almonds

Johnston almonds