March Newsletter and change of opening times

Change of opening times at GaSP, 4 Winns Rd, Cygnet

Thank you to those who completed the survey. I am now very happy to announce my new opening times:

From after the next market on March 16th my GaSP home shop will be open: 
Thursday afternoons 2pm – 6pm
+ Friday mornings 9am – 12 noon
+ by request 
By request means that you are welcome to ring me or send me an email to arrange an alternative time to suit you.
**** Closed March 9th – 15th as I am going kayaking****
See you at the market Sunday March 16th!ps. I need lots of smallish to medium sized, clean jars, without labels, to decant the various honeys I sell. If you can help me, please leave them on my verandah!

favourite day

Shopping, Orders and

Product Notes

Please feel free to email me an order and I will have it ready for your collection. You can transfer money online at the time of ordering or pay cash on collection.

You can see all my products and priceshere.

Four Leaf grains, flours, seeds and pulses: I only keep in stock 5kg bags which I am happy to decant into smaller amounts for you. I find 5 kg bags easy to carry and store. Many people order larger bags, up to 20kgs and I am happy to get them in at no extra charge since I have fresh supplies arriving every week.

Rain-fed rice, Tasmanian quinoa, Mt. Zero red and green lentils, Quinoa flour etc: These mostly come to me in 20kg bags which I decant into smaller quantities as required. I never buy more than 1 bag at a time so they are always fresh. I also buy these and most other products direct from the farmers, with no middleman.

Dried fruits come in boxes of 5, 10 or 12 kgs, direct from all the individual farmers. No matter how big their enterprise they will always go out of their way to fill my tiny order. I love them all; must be the sugar in the fruit that makes them such a sweet bunch!

Spices:  I order the minimum amount which is 1kg and this is stored in the dark, in airtight boxes until required. All spices are packed fresh for every market and are never stale. Between markets those not sold at the market are given away in my spend $20 and get $2 of free spices, deal. ($40 = $4 free spices etc)

To be continued…. 🙂

My Story

Until I came to Tasmania in March 2010, I was always the customer and had never done anything like GaSP before.

So, I started with the idea that if I could please me, Kate the customer, I would please others as I am a VERY fussy shopper!!

One by one I started sourcing the wonderful products I used to buy in SA but could not get here in Tasmania, with the same ethical standards I expected.

One by one I rang the farmers to find out their stories and decided that buying directly from them was the only way to find out everything I wanted to know about their products.

Then I was in a quandary; my philosophy is to buy local, very local, and here I was buying from farmers all over Australia.

So, I made a decision. I would source everything as locally as I could, starting with Tasmania and always buy Australian if available. Very little of my range comes from outside Australia, except spices, which are rarely grown in Australia anyway.

Interestingly I find it very difficult to get access to Tasmanian products direct from the farmer and to have them sent to me from elsewhere in Tasmania costs more than the freight from anywhere else in Australia!! I ring and leave messages, I send emails and I rarely get a reply from Tasmanian farmers. Which is so completely the opposite to all the mainland farmers who love to help me get their products onto my small shelves.

If you have a request for anything you’d like me to stock, please ask and I will do my best to oblige.

Cygnet Vintage Market Tomorrow

Vintage will be the theme of celebrations in Cygnet starting with the Regatta Ball on March 2st, followed on Sunday March 2nd by the regular Cygnet Market taking on a vintage theme for the centenary of the Town Hall.

Stall holders will be adding a 1914 look to the market and the Veteran Car Club of Tasmania will be lining Mary Street with early 20th century vehicles for our enjoyment.

Everyone is invited to join in and celebrate 100 years of our beautiful Cygnet Town Hall by coming to the market between 10am and 2pm.

In 1914 the middle class fashion was becoming straight and elegant for both men and women. Working class women wore beautiful, brilliant white aprons over a flouncy white blouse and a long, black skirt while men wore braces and suits. Everyone wore hats, including children.

1914 boys clothes


1914 clothes