The versatile Ho Mi from Korea

I haven’t been using the Ho Mi for as long as the Koreans….just a few years.

But I just love it.  It is my favourite gardening tool and has been for a while now.

Here is what I wrote in 2009 for Hills and Plains Seedsavers about my gardening tools.

I have been selling the Ho Mi at the Cygnet Market from Day one.  Now, almost everyone in Cygnet has a Ho Mi, even the school has Ho Mi’s for their gardening class.

Buy the Ho Mi from me at the Cygnet Market.

Seed Sowing Guide – June

Sow these seeds in June:

Sow these seeds in the garden:

Broad Beans, ‘Crimson Flowering’ and ‘Coles Dwarf’

Onions ‘Red Sheffield’, ‘Domenica Sweet’ and ‘Creamgold’

Sow these seeds in the hothouse:

Asian Cool Greens Mix

Asian Green ‘Happy Rich’ F1

Broccoli Raab


Chicory ‘Red Rib’


Corn Salad ‘Lambs Lettuce’

Edible Chrysanthemum ‘Shungiku’

Hon Tsai Tai

Kai-Lan ‘Chinese Kale’

Land Cress

Lettuces ‘Flashy Trout Back’, ‘Winter Density’, & ‘Rouge d’Hiver’

Miners Lettuce

Mustard Green ‘Green Wave’

Pak Choi ‘Joi Choi’ F1

Rocket, Wild (organic)

Rocket ‘Heirloom’

Snow Pea ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’

Spinach ‘Tyee’ F1 & ‘Bloomsdale Longstanding’

Spring Onion ‘Red Beard’



You can buy these seeds from my market stall at The Cygnet Market.

If you need any further advice, please ask. My father ran a succesful nursery for many years in Adelaide and I have grown up amongst trees, plants and seeds. I want people to be able to grow their own food.

If you would like to purchase Cottage Garden seeds or Native seeds, you can order these from us at Cygnet Market.

All of my products are also available most days from 1pm at The Garden Shed and Pantry, Cygnet

Sourdough Workshop Feedback

Since adding tastings of Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil at the Cygnet Market, the interest in my sourdough bread has increased dramatically and now the demand for conducting workshops means that I try to run them monthly.

The latest workshop has just been run and the participants have commented about their experiences on their blogs.

Please take the time to read the comments from Wild Succulent Warbling and Huon View if you are interested in attending one of my workshops.

Email photos from students –

Clive’s loaf baked in a steam oven

Food for my Daughters by Pattie Baker

Food for my Daughters - Pattie Baker

I am pleased to be able to offer my good friend Pattie Baker’s book for you to enjoy.

Hughsli from Hugh Flint

My youngest son, Hugh, is a chef.  Right now, Hugh is working hard at building his own business, Hughsli.

I visited Hugh in Adelaide in late 2011 and was very proud to see the progress he has made since his very early days.

Look for the Hughsli range of products at The Cygnet Market. Find Hughsli on Facebook.

Need a snack while bushwalking? You need a Hughsli Bar.  Get yours (original apricot recipe or the new walnut, fig and cherry liquer) at The Cygnet Market.

Hughsli Bar

Italy meets Australia – Fabulous Fusilli Bolognese

The best of Australian meats and the best of Italian cuisine join together!  Here is a nice easy pasta recipe using fusilli or spaghetti and wallaby or kangaroo mince. L’Abruzzese organic, Australian pastas are available at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

500g lean mince, whichever is available

1 onion or a few spring onions, diced

1 jar pasta sauce, I use Raguletto Napolitana, or home made

2 cloves garlic, crushed

a sprig of rosemary, chopped finely

a good handful of parsley / other fresh herbs

a good handful of strong tasting green leaves such as mizuna / chicory etc


1/2 cup red wine

a good dash of soy sauce

1/2 cup water

Brown the mince in a heavy pan. Add the onion and fry a few more minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer gently with a lid for 1/2 hour and simmer a further 1/2 hour with the lid off. Adjust the liquid by adding more water if necessary, to make a nice thick sauce.

Meanwhile, cook a large handful of pasta per person in plenty of boiling water, 12-15 minutes for L’Abruzzese organic  fusilli or 6 – 8 minutes for L’Abruzzese organic spaghetti.

Serve with parmesan cheese and some lightly cooked broccoli or beans or a green salad.

Buono appetito!