64 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Kate
    I am keen to put my name down for your upcoming Sourdough workshop in July 🙂
    Unfortunately I was unable to attend last time I booked, and if my memory serves me correctly, I can carry 1/2 of the prepaid cost across to this class.
    Looking forward to confirming the details
    Kind regards


  2. We are moving to Cygnet in mid April and I want to start a kitchen garden as soon as possible. We should (says she with her fingers crossed) be into our new house by end of April at the latest. Are you running any workshops in May? Cant wait to get down to Tasmania and get away from the Summer heat here in Perth.
    Looking forward to meeting you are learning as much as I can about organic veggie gardens.. with a permaculture twist..
    Maria Fitz


    • Hi Maria,

      Welcome to your soon to be new home! I intend to run monthly gardening workshops all year round on the second Sunday afternoons of the month. If you wish to be on my email list for details, please email me: gasp4winns@gmail.com

      Best wishes,



    • Hi Christian,
      In Feb 10th I sent you an email with the details for paying for the Feb workshop. Are you intending to come?
      Kind regards,


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