Beautiful, Organic, Australian Pastas

Summer is a great time for quick meals that don’t require too much preparation and now that tomatoes and basil are flourishing, pasta often comes to my mind, for dinner. When I came to Tasmania I could not find any Tasmanian-made pasta and could not live with supermarket pasta after growing up with L’Abruzzese so I added it to my Garden Shed and Pantry list.

L’Abruzzese Organic Australian pasta is made by an Italian family business in Adelaide. It includes several grain choices and the best tasting gluten-free pastas.


When I visit Adelaide I love to go and see Carmello at L’Abruzzese who embraces me in the Italian way and says how much he loves to meet his customers.

“Everyone is in such a rush” he explains “They load up their orders and are gone but you come and talk to me and tell me about the people who enjoy my pasta in Tasmania and I like that!” I stand for a while and watch the extended Italian family cutting and folding the spaghetti then laying it out to dry slowly, ensuring the best texture.

My latest shipment includes organic:

  • Rye penne
  • Spelt shells
  • Wholemeal spaghetti
  • Lentil and rice penne (gluten free)
  • Chickpea and buckwheat spirals (gluten free)
  • Plain wheat: orecchiette, fusilli,
  • Spinach: fusilli. olive leaf shapes
  • Mixed penne (plain, spinach, wholemeal, tomato)

These all come to me in bulk 5kg boxes which can be bought by you in any quantity you need, from 500g upwards. I regularly have orders from people wanting a whole 5kg box of something else that I do not stock, from the L’Abruzzese website, which I am happy to order for you.