Its my pastry and I’ll cry if I want to….

….but luckily I didn’t need to.

image Four keen pastry students fronted up in my kitchen on Saturday and we got down to work, making 3 different types of pastry. Mine was then made into a pie or tart which we baked and then, later, sat around and ate….. well, someone has to do it…. and what an excuse to eat spinach and fetta pie, apple pie and peach tart all in one day!


The characters that gather in my kitchen for these workshops are what make life in Cygnet such a joy of the unexpected and such fun…. they would make a great TV show… and I have someone coming to stay later this week who might just be the person for the job…. more on that next week.

Here’s me, enjoying myself immensely while the big Scotsman is no doubt saying something almost unintelligible, but very funny. image


Sometimes I was rather pleased that the result was as superb as I knew it could be…. but there were moments when it could have been otherwise…. like when I turned out the upside down peach tart, having only ever made it once before!

image Of course we had a short break for coffee in the garden… before heading back inside to finish the apple pie.image



The proof of the pudding….



Thanks to the photographer for providing me with so many photos …. again!