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Links to all GaSP price lists:

Grains, flours, pulses and seeds price list

L’Abruzzese Pasta Products and Price List

Oils, olives, nuts, cultures and spices Price List

Accessories and Workshops Price List     (sprouters, proofing baskets, fermenting pestles etc, Kate’s workshops)

The Garden Shed Price List (seeds, watering cans, hand tools and more)

Read below for more product information

Four Leaf Milling etc –   Australian grown and freshly milled, certified organic grains, flours, pulses and seeds, South Australia. Now I stock an ever-increasing range of individually sourced ingredients from other Australian, organic farmers, including Rain-fed Rice, French-style Green Lentils, whole Red Lentils, Tasmanian Spelt, Linseed and Quinoa. Plus I make a beautiful, organic, gluten free muesli which turns the gluten free breakfast into a joy!

Cane bread proofing baskets – Round  and oblong baskets for sourdough bread rising, to add that professional look. $22

L’Abruzzese Pasta – Australian grown and made, certified organic pastas, SA.

Patlin Gardens Olives and Oil – Uncertified organic olives and olive oils from SA.


  1. Willunga Almonds – South Australian grown, uncertified organic Johnston almonds, SA.
  2. Pistachios – From Mark in S.A. Organic, toasted and lightly salted.
  3. Brazil nuts – Bolivia. Organic and very fresh.
  4. (Macadamia pieces – NSW n/a)
  5. Hazelnuts – Adelaide Hills, SA. From a private garden, 3 varieties of excellent quality. Shelled. Or from Victoria.
  6. Walnuts – Tasmanian, shelled
  7. Pecans – NSW – awaiting new order. Shelled.

Murray River Organics – Certified organic currants, sultanas and raisins, Vic.

Kevin and Cindy’s Organics – sundried, certified organic, South Australian apricots and pears

Spices – Tasmania’s Freshest spices, at various prices, from Australia and the world, plus

  • Tumbeela (South Australia) Native Herbs and Spices – Lemon Myrtle
  • Barry Beach Organics, South Australia. – Wild harvested long pepper, cinnamon sticks and cloves from Indonesia plus the best organic, ground turmeric ever!

Do Bee Honey – South Australian, unprocessed honey, 3 varieties: orange blossom, mangrove and cup gum. Sold in various size jars.

Not Tonight Honey – Local, unprocessed Leatherwood honey, Prickly Box and Forest honeys, Woodbridge, Tas. Various prices and sizes.

Cheeselinks – yoghurt cultures, Vic. Dairy culture and soy culture for Greek style yoghurt. Foolproof and very economical. $16 makes 100 litres.

Books – my favourite food books, from Australia and the world by people with a passion, telling their stories through their food

The Garden Shed


Fresh, seasonal, vegetable seeds suitable for Tasmania, sourced from  Sam at Southern Harvest Seeds in Kingston, Tasmania. All packets

Garden tools:

  • Traditional Korean Ho mi, Korea:
  • Japanese razor hoe, like a smaller ho mi, UK:

Traditional English Watering Cans

Exquisite English watering cans that will last a lifetime, UK: from $75

Books– for gardeners who want to grow food all year round, wherever they live. An ever evolving collection for the thinking, food gardener.

Cleaning products

The most eco cleaning range in the market, from Tasmanian company –

Clean Conscience

Laundry Powder:

  • 1kg tub $17

Multi purpose kitchen spray cleaner: 500ml   $7.50

Cream cleanser: 500ml   $7.50

Other of their products available by order


Don’t forget that I run a range of gardening and cooking workshops too.

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  9. Hi Catriona,
    This Indian spice tin has a solid steel lid so that your spices are kept in the dark, which is important for keeping them fresh. Light can reduce the aroma and taste by 10% per week!


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