June 2nd Newsletter

Culinary Essential Oils

It all started with a single, tiny drop of ginger essential oil in my kefir smoothie one morning…. and I was hooked. So, now I am going to keep a range of doTerra essential oils suitable for culinary use and am able to sell them to you. I can also order any other doTerra oils for you, from their entire range.

If you love the zesty taste of black pepper in tea, using as essential oil is the way to go. If you don’t have any fresh coriander or only a little, a single drop of its oil adds huge flavour. The health benefits aside, until you try them you won’t realise what you have been missing!

It is an exciting new thing for The Garden Shed and Pantry, where I strive to combine ancient traditions and 21st century thinking to bring the big picture to our everyday lives.

Welcome to our solstice afternoon tea from 4 continents!

Four cooks will gather in Sally Ives’s kitchen to cook up a scrumptious, sweet and savoury afternoon tea on the shortest day, Tuesday June 21st. They are Sally (Chinese), Giuliana (Italian), Ayelet (Middle Eastern) and me (using indigenous Australian spices).

Details and booking information here. Seats are half sold already. Don’t miss out!

Lina and Pat’s olives
Most of Lina and Pat’s oil olives have been pressed and my first batch of oils have arrived, less than 3 weeks after pressing. It means the return of the spicy manzanillo and a new batch of corregiola.

Winter in the Chook Yard: Four Leaf feed grains
Just a few tips to keep your chooks happy, healthy and laying during winter. See more here..


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One thought on “June 2nd Newsletter

  1. Kate, As a worker with essential oils I would never take essential oils internally even a commercial operation as dot era. Oils of such potency need medical health therapist careful control. I have seen a person one week being ok with lavender the next they are toxic to it and have an allergy. There is no independent research on the long term use or the effect on gut flora. It is silly to gave a one mix fixes all approach to essential oils. I know they are the flavour of the month and people invest in these overpriced items but please do independent research as most health workers advise not to take internally. Just my twopence worth.


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