Whole grains, whole seeds, whole bones, whole plants; Whole Food Workshop


$65 including lunch. Book here.

It is ironic that, as we have become more “civilised”, food has become less healthy. Research has dissected food into its elements and we know more about vitamins, minerals, gluten, carbohydrates and antioxidants than ever before. Shops have shelves of potions and supplements to boost immunity, heal the gut and calm the nerves.

In this workshop we take real ingredients, in their least processed state, and make delicious, nutritious whole foods, full of their natural goodness. We will cover everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to dessert. I will recommend some reading, both books and websites, to help you on your way and keep you inspired.

99.9% of the ingredients in the world are gluten free and we will use many of them. This workshop is for everyone but does contain animal products.

I want to rekindle your inner instincts for understanding what your body is telling you about health and reunite you with the joy of food preparation, not just for your tastebuds but for your whole body, inside and out.

Following on from this workshop will be an option to come and cook a meal with me regularly and follow the seasons, learning more about eating whole foods as well as eating from the garden and making the most of what grows and is raised in the Cygnet area.


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