Back home. Business as usual. March newsletter.

What a fabulous trip I have had and what stories I have to tell. In my newsletters and on this website I will tell you about my food adventures in San Francisco. The first of these is in my latest newsletter which you can read here.
Open as usual
My home shop will be open as usual this week and beyond. I will be at every Cygnet Market too.I am as passionate as ever about bringing you the very best in organic, Australian wholefoods and ingredients along with the know-how to help you have a healthy life and to bring your garden to your table.A special thank you to my wonderful house sitters, Julia and Charles, who served many of you in my home shop while I was away. Thanks to them providing me with a stocktake, I was able to get to and order all the products to restock the GaSP shelves, while I was still in San Francisco, and have them arrive a few days after my return! Autumn 2016 Workshops
I will be having plenty of sourdough workshops and gardening workshops + the odd fermenting and sprouting workshop through 2016. Hugh may be doing more workshops too. You will read about all our workshops here in the newsletters so please take a moment to read them so you don’t miss out!!

APRIL sourdough and cultured butter workshop dates and registration here. You must put your EMAIL address, NOT your name, even if I know you, so I can contact you as a group.

San Francisco Sourdough Starter
The air in San Francisco contains a variety of bacteria which has made sourdough bread famous there; for its flavour and texture. It is called Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis. The story of how I got some starter from the most famous of all San Franciscan bakeries, Tartine, is in the newsletter here .

Also, read part one of my travel snippits about food, famous eateries and unexpected delights.


Home shop open times are on the photo at the top of the newsletter.
Garden Shed and Pantry website


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