January 2016 newsletter

Happy New Year to all my customers and all who read this website. May you find peace and happiness in your life this year…. and lots of fun! Read below for my news in brief. Click here for the full newsletter.

Open as usual
My home shop will be open as usual this week and beyond. I will be at every Cygnet Market too.

I am as passionate as ever about bringing you the very best in organic, Australian wholefoods and ingredients along with the know-how to help you have a healthy life and to bring your garden to your table.

 2016 Workshops
I will be having plenty of sourdough workshops and gardening workshops + the odd fermenting and sprouting workshop through 2016. Hugh will be doing more workshops late January and through February too. You will read about all our workshops here in the newsletters so please take a moment to read them so you don’t miss out!!

Fresh Pasta
I am making fresh pasta on Thursday mornings, for sale at my home shop on Thursday afternoons only.

Those people who said they would like to receive a bundle for free and let me know if they’d be interested in buying it if I did offer it, please don’t forget to collect it!! Collection of free pasta will only be on Thursday Dec. 31st after 2pm during my home shop open hours. And I will have bundles for sale too.

You truly won’t believe the difference!

Thanks for the Wine Bottles!
I rely on my wonderful customers to provide me with wine bottles, which I sterilise and fill with the olive oils and apple cider vinegar I sell. You have been most generous and I now have quite a few. However, I need about a dozen a week, so do keep me in mind in the months ahead.

Please leave clean, label-free, screw cap, wine bottles of any colour or shape, on my verandah any time. Please don’t bring them to the market.  


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