Christmas 2015 Newsletter

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Highlights below…..
Open dates
My home shop will be open as usual right through Christmas week, into the New Year and beyond. I will be at every Cygnet Market too.

Hughsli Mince Pies
Hugh will have all his regular stuff and more at the market, including his mince pies, which have his ultimate mince mixture, made a year in advance, freshly baked in the best pastry you will ever have tasted on a mince pie. Orders still being taken …. Be quick!

If I could find an Australian-grown and roasted coffee that I liked, I would sell it. However, I can’t and although there are lots of Tasmanian-roasted coffees, I prefer Fair Trade, Organic and grown as close to Australia as possible. So I sell my favourite such coffee from East Timor; a country I like to support. I now have 1kg bags of beans or ground. It has become so popular I get supplies monthly and the best before date is now well into 2017, which is crazy…. I would never keep coffee that long!

Christmas Seeds
It is a very special thing to be able to offer you a range of cool climate, bush beans, grown in Exeter and sold exclusively to me, to pass on to you, from Inspiration Seeds. You won’t find these anywhere else! Sow now.

I also have a small supply of vegetable seeds in rustic, pretty Christmas packets. Ideal gifts.

Fresh Pasta
I recently ate the best fresh pasta I have ever had, made by a neighbour….. so I have been thinking about all the people who have asked me if I sell fresh pasta… and I am wondering about offering fresh, organic pasta as a trial, to you, my newsletter customers.

If you’d like to receive a bundle for free and let me know if you’d be interested in buying it if I did offer it, please reply to this email. Collection would be on Thursday Dec. 31st after 2pm during my home shop open hours. Of course there will be limits!

Wine Bottles Still Needed!
I rely on my wonderful customers to provide me with wine bottles, which I sterilise and fill with the olive oils and apple cider vinegar I sell. I have made my way through nearly all I have, so would appreciate your kind donations again.

Please leave clean, label-free, screw cap, wine bottles of any colour or shape, on my verandah any time. Please don’t bring them to the market.
Thank you so much, in advance!  


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