July Sourdough Workshop

Sourdough bread is the simplest bread to make. To learn how, come to my next workshop. The photo above is exactly what you will make in my kitchen with me.

$45 / person.

For dates and bookings go to the booking sheet. Please read the instructions on the booking sheet and add your EMAIL not your name. 

Believed to have first been made in ancient Egypt, before the invention of any modern equipment or ingredients, sourdough bread remains today one of the world’s favourite breads.

Fermented foods, including sourdough breads, allow the human body to absorb all their nutrients and cause less health problems than faster methods.

Find out more about my Sourdough Workshops by clicking here.

Dusting the proving baskets

Dusting the proving baskets

olives and rosemary loaf

olives and rosemary loaf

Another gorgeous loaf

mixing the starter

mixing the starter


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