Fermenting crocks and pestles, locally made and beautiful

It is very exciting to have been able to source some wonderful, Tasmanian timber, fermenting pestles, made for us by my friend Rod, right here in Cygnet.

And now, locally made fermenting crocks too! Meet Nanna and Zsolt below.

Ceramic crock and wooden pestles

Fermenting is undergoing re-invention (although it has been and still is in everyday life in France, Germany, Scandinavia, China, Korea, Japan…. and much of the rest of the world!).

I am passionate about health. I am passionate about food. Fermenting and sprouting techniques bring us health and amazing food; the likes of which you may never have experienced before. See below for my next workshop.


Various crocks and weights

kefir pot

small kefir pot

Fermenting and Sprouting  Workshop in June

Book here.

Fermenting and sprouting are simple, ancient skills, fundamental to our health but which disappeared from our homes in the 20th century with the advent of factory processing. The 21st century is bringing them back as everyone realises that you cannot be truly healthy without them!
Read about the workshop here.
All workshops are $45.
Amazing value for health insurance!

 Meet Nanna and Zsolt of Glen Huon
Foolishly, I did not take any photos when I visited Nanna and Zsolt at their home in Glen Huon but I have the image in my mind of a woman in a long, vibrant dress and warm jumper, picking vegetables into a basket, as I drove up,  and I knew we were to become friends!

We talked about the soil and she showed me the clay, with only a few cms of topsoil and we discussed the time it takes to make this good for growing vegetables. However, her face was all smiles as she told me that this clay is what they use to make their pottery and ceramic wares and to build the studio in which they create them. It is amazing who lands in southern Tasmania and the skills they bring!

Nanna is from Finland and her partner Zsolt originally hales from Hungary. They are nothing short of professionals; their designs are magic, practical and constantly evolving. The quality is beyond my wildest dreams; truly I was speechless at what I saw in this little kitchen, with its smoky, old oven when I walked through the door of a typical old, Tasmanian timber house needing repair in Glen Huon.

Everything they use in the kitchen is made by them and I wanted to touch and explore every piece. We had tea and I tried Nanna’s kombucha from possibly the most glorious urn I have ever seen. We talked about their plans and we found a synchrony in our chosen way of life that is rare. Zsolt makes the fermenting crocks and I love his attitude of evolution; making things to suit people who care about what they eat.

And so it is that I can be their link to customers who will want something useful, made with extraordinary skill, from clay in Glen Huon. How much better could it be than that!


4 thoughts on “Fermenting crocks and pestles, locally made and beautiful

  1. I am interested in the fermenting pots by Nana & Zsolt as seen on the Gourmet Gardner show. I live just outside of Brisbane would appreciate more information. Regards Jan


    • Hi Tania,
      This is early days so I am not sure about sending them yet. I will know more tomorrow when I meet up with the makers again. I will soon put more info and prices here on the website, once they have decided on sizes, colours etc. They are superb crafts people!


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