New fermenting tools and May News

1-DSC_0045It is very exciting to have been able to source some wonderful, Tasmanian timber, fermenting pestles, made for us by my friend Rod, right here in Cygnet.

Soon, locally made fermenting crocks!

Fermenting is undergoing re-invention (although it has been and still is in everyday life in France, Germany, China…. and much of the rest of the world!).

I am passionate about health. I am passionate about food. Fermenting and sprouting techniques bring us health and amazing food; the likes of which you may never have experienced before. See below for my next workshop.

Hazelnuts and Pistachios

Fresh, new season’s, Australian nuts with exceptional flavour: certified organic, lightly toasted and salted pistachios plus (uncertified but grown without chemicals) hazelnut kernels of several different varieties. Pecans sold out already!

New season’s Johnston almonds are still on order and I hope they are not far away now!

Stockist Profile in Pip Magazine
It is a delight to deal with the people at Australia’s new permaculture magazine, Pip. Recently I was very excited to be asked to write about The Garden Shed and Pantry for their website. You can read the article here…. and maybe learn a bit more about who I am and what I am doing here, at the bottom of the world. Pip magazine is always available at The Garden Shed and Pantry, for $9.50.

Foolproof Sourdough in May
Dates now set. Check them out and book here. Read about my very popular, foolproof, easy, delicious, nutritious sourdough and workshops here.

June Fermenting and Sprouting Workshop
A wonderful group of 11 people attended the April workshop in my kitchen and I am now preparing for another. It takes me at least a month to prepare everything I need for this workshop.

Book here.

Fermenting and sprouting are simple, ancient skills, fundamental to our health but which disappeared from our homes in the 20th century with the advent of factory processing. The 21st century is bringing them back as everyone realises that you cannot be truly healthy without them!
All workshops are $45.
Amazing value!


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