Sunday May 4th at The Cygnet Market

As the weather chills everyone is glad that the Cygnet Market is a warm venue! The Garden Shed and Pantry is on the stage and has all the organic ingredients to make your cold weather cooking healthy and delicious. Inside and outside the hall you will find some of the best cold and hot food of any Tasmanian market with Sally’s Chinese curry puffs, spring rolls and vegetable pancakes, Gerard and Deb’s organic beef pies and vegetable pasties, Ed’s English pork pies (plus great coffee) and a multitude of other, ever-changing, home made and often home grown meals and morsels. Sit up on the stage at the “Stage Left” cafe tables with a coffee and enjoy a view of the whole market while you eat and chat with friends.

Outside are Alex and Lenny, 2 local, organic market gardeners each offering the best seasonal vegetables in southern Tasmania. You will have to join the queue for Cam’s amazing, organic, wood-fired sourdough breads, inspired by trips to visit family in France. Next to Cam is Sami’s coffee and organic hot chocolate stall.

For more information, photos and a stall holders list visit the Cygnet Market website.

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