Totally recycled cooking oil becomes soap and fuel

Mike takes vegetable oil from our local fish and chip shop, Devour, and turns it into bio-diesel which runs 3 vehicles. What is left over is raw glycerine. Ever the inventor and not wanting to waste a drop of the earth’s resources, Mike has been experimenting with making liquid soap and now has it to a stable stage, neither too hard nor too runny, in all temperatures.

Bring a jar to the market or to GaSP at 4 Winns Rd., for a free sample as Mike wants your feedback!

  Bio­Soap K

∙           Raw glycerine (derived from blended vegetable oils)
Potassium Hydroxide (70gm/litre of raw glycerine)
Eucalyptus oil and/or other fragrance

Bio­K­Soap is particularly effective on vegetable, animal and mineral grease
Makes glassware, and ceramics sparkle
∙           Use on sinks, baths, toilets, floors and walls

Black soaps are a highly prized, hand made product common in many African countries. Properties and ingredients vary considerably from one district to another, but in addition to natural vegetable oils, plantain skins and coco bean pods are often included.

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