Introducing new honey varieties – Cup Gum and Mangrove Blossom

People often ask us about different varieties (or flavours) of honey when they visit the Garden Shed and Pantry at The Cygnet Market.  We like to be able to provide a wide range of products when we can and the opportunity has come up to add to our South Australian range of honeys.  Introducing two new varieties: Cup Gum Honey and Mangrove Honey to complement the very popular Orange Blossom Honey.

Cup Gum Honey

This is a light delicate honey, and is best known for its taste of caramel.  Yummy!

Cup Gum (Eeucalypt cosmophylla) is a small, winter flowering tree, endemic to South Australia.   It has distinctive leathery leaves and large fruit capsules with white/cream flowers. Cup gum is so named because of the shape of the fruit capsules. The Cup Gum only flowers every 2 years but rarely are the flowers prolific enough for the bee keepers to take their bees there. This year the weather was perfect for the cup gums on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide, and they flowered profusely. Luckily for us, John at Do Bee was quick off the mark and his bees have provided a great haul of this superb honey.

Cup Gum flowers and gumnuts

Cup Gum flowers and gumnuts

Mangrove Blossom Honey

This honey has a robust, sweet taste with a dark amber colour, thanks to the flowers’ growth in the saline coastal environment of the mangroves north of Adelaide, on the shores of Gulf St. Vincent. It has a complex and rich taste with added spiciness.

L to R Orange Blossom, Mangrove Blossom, Cup Gum

L to R Orange Blossom, Mangrove Blossom, Cup Gum

Orange Blossom Honey

We obtain our Orange Blossom Honey from John at Do Bee who takes his bees to the Riverland of South Australia (Australia’s premier citrus growing area) to assist with pollinating the orange groves.

orange blossom

orange blossom

Orange Blossom Honey is often made from mixed citrus nectars including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins and limes.  It is a thick, very sweet honey.  Initially the aroma is of medium intensity reminiscent of orange blossoms.  With time, it takes on an additional delicate fruity aroma like marmalade with slightly citric acid tones.  Light amber to white, the lighter colour and milder flavour come in years when there is a large harvest and the honey is less contaminated by other nectars.  It will darken with age and crystallizes slowly into granules of various sizes.

Therapeutic uses: Orange Blossom Honey plays a beneficial role for intestinal problems and nervousness. It is recommended to treat insomnia, and is often added to herbal teas.

orange blossom honey grove

orange blossom honey grove

Organic products (including Tasmania’s Not Tonight Honey range and South Australia’s Mangrove and Cup Gum Honeys) can be obtained from the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

Restrictions on transporting honey to other states within Australia:

Honey can not be taken from Tasmania to NSW/ACT or South Australia without a permit.  In Western Australia all untreated honey, honey products like royal jelly, and second hand bee keeping equipment are banned from entering the State.

Transporting Honey to Victoria, Queensland or the Northern Territory is free and requires no permits.

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