New Season Olive Oils

We are very pleased to announce that we will have two new season’s Extra Virgin, cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oils from Patlin Gardens for customers to purchase from the next market onwards.  You can read about how I met Pat and Lina and my initial visit to Patlin Gardens here.

This season the two olive oils that are available are:


A Spanish variety of olive where the oil is fresh and aromatic and has a hit of pepper…. and;


An Italian variety of olive where the oil has a more mellow, rounded and flavoursome character.

You may find they taste quite a bit different to you – all tastes are individual.

New Season's Olive Oils

New Season’s Olive Oils

We will sell each of the oils in recycled 750ml wine bottles for $12, and also in five litre plastic bottles at $60.  You can take the advantage of the competitive farmers markets in South Australia to have the very best extra virgin, cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil (in a 750ml bottle) for less than you pay for a 250ml bottle elsewhere!  Fabulous value and great taste together!

Pat and Lina only use natural methods (cold pressing) to process the olives and clarification only occurs by allowing the oil to settle out so that they can offer the very best and most natural product.


Pat shows us the many varieties of his olive trees

Read about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and olive oil here.

…and don’t forget folks….Oils aint Oils!


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