Star Anise

Without doubt the most attractive of all the spices, star anise has an unforgettable liquorice aroma and a complexity of flavour that lends itself to a wide array of sweet and savoury dishes.  This is a must have for all serious cooks.  This native of Vietnam and China, is grown in India, Japan and the Philippines and is well known in Asian cuisines, although in recent years it has been “discovered” by chefs and cooks all around the globe.

star anise

star anise

Whole, perfect Star Anise are really quite a beautiful wonder of nature, with eight points and a seed in each point. Costly because they are picked out by hand, they make an attractive dinner garnish or add a lovely flavor and appearance floating in a cup of tea.

Star anise combines well with pork, duck, soups and stir-fries and also works with spiced fruit jams or compotes of fruit.  Star anise is one of the five ingredients in Chinese Five Spice.

harvesting star anise

harvesting star anise

Star Anise is one of the key ingredients of our Chai Tea Spice Kits, which have become quite popular since I have been making it for special events.

Get these and other fabulous fresh spices from the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

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