Free Shopping Bag or Spices

Ten years ago the town of Coles Bay on Tasmania’s East Coast decided to go plastic bag free.  Back then, the local bakery owner, Ben Kearney, led the community to become one of the first towns to ban plastic bags.

When it was announced that all of Tasmania was going plastic bag free, (read more here), I decided to do my bit by providing customers with a calico bag to carry their goodies from the Cygnet Market or the Garden Shed and Pantry here at Winns Road in Cygnet.

It’s taken a little while to organise but at yesterday’s market we introduced the GaSP shopping bag.

Check them out.

GaSP Calico Shopping Bags

GaSP Calico Shopping Bags

Some of you will know that when you shop at the pantry at 4 Winns Road, for every twenty dollars you spend you receive spices of your choice to $2.  While stocks last, customers can know choose a shopping bag instead of spices.  Of course, you can spend forty dollars and have spices AND a shopping bag.

Well done Tasmania!


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