Spring Gardening Needs – part 2

Spring has arrived and now is the time to think about getting out in the garden.  The Garden Shed and Pantry has a great range of products to assist you in the garden.

The Korean tool, the Ho Mi, is the perfect tool for small scale digging, weeding and sowing seeds.   It’s a very popular product and so it should be.  It has been in existence for 1000’s of years virtually unchanged.  We also have Harvest Knives and Japanese Razor Hoes.

gardening tools
gardening tools
ladies spade

ladies spade

We have the ideal ladies spade.  The spade is made by Burgon & Ball, English manufacturers since 1730.  It is a light but robust spade for all general digging – ideal for planting in borders.  It has a polished, double riveted ash handle for comfort and long life and has an extra long strapped socket which provides strength and flex.  As you would expect, a high quality product like this has a ten year guarantee.  This is  a lifetime gardening investment.

Of course, we have the best book for the Tasmanian vegetable gardener.  Steve Solomon is a renowned authority on how to get the best from your soil and we have sold heaps of his book,Growing Vegetables South of Australia, over the last few years.  This should be the first book you purchase if you are serious about growing food in your garden. We have other gardening books too.

Thomas and the garden kneeler

Thomas and the garden kneeler

The Environmentally Friendly Useful Garden Kneeler is just the thing for early spring when the ground is still very damp.  It’s also useful in summer when the ground can be quite hard and tough on the knees.  Help support the Cygnet Community Garden and buy a kneeler for the gardener in your life.

Spring wouldn’t be Spring without seeds and flowers.  At the Garden Shed and Pantry, we stock a range of vegetable (and herb) seeds from Southern Harvest that are selected by Kate and Seedsaver Sam specifically for sowing now in Southern Tasmania.  Each month we select the right seeds to be sown.  All you have to do (almost) is come and choose your seeds and go home and sow them.  You can also order native and cottage garden seeds through us.  Don’t forget that we have a monthly seed sowing guide to assist you with your seed sowing.

Once you have your seeds in the ground or in a pot, you will need to water them – we have the seed mister for that task.  A beautiful and exquisitely made product that generates a light mist designed to provide moisture but not a deluge which can damage your young seedlings.

Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF) mixture contains many ingredients such as kelpmeal, high-phosphate guano and various agricultural limes plus seedmeal etc.  Some of these ingredients are not easily obtained in smaller quantities or at an affordable price.  We have decided to purchase all of the ingredients required to produce the COF mixture.

We sell the mixture in small bags (approx 9 litres) which is suitable for an average garden (approx 20 sq metres, or 4 beds, 5m x 1m) or in a large bag (approx 36 litres) which is suitable for the keen gardener and larger areas.  You can read more about COF mixture in Steve Solomon’s book, Growing Vegetables South of Australia.

We are always on the lookout for new products that will assist the gardener and we think we have come up with something that you might just like.  A trug is the essential garden accessory – whether its for gardening tools, freshly picked fruit or flowers, this is the ideal present for the gardener who needs something more.  For the budding gardener, we have smaller trugs, just like mums but not too heavy and just perfect for smaller gardening tools or flowers.   We have also taken delivery of a new range of super comfortable latex and bamboo gardening gloves.  Check them out when you visit next time.

trugs and bamboo gloves

trugs and bamboo gloves

The Cygnet Market can get quite frantic at times.  Sometimes we are serving customers and others are waiting to be served.  There are times when the stage seems to be packed full of people browsing our wide range of products.  Come along to the Garden Shed and Pantry to view our range of spring gardening needs or to ask for gardening advice.


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