Vegetables from an Italian Garden

This is one of the books I sell simply because I love it. A large, thick, rustic book about seasonal vegetables with cooking and gardening for each entry. Most Italian cookbooks seem to be full of pasta, cheese and rich tomato sauces. This one is so different. It is about vegetables.

There are salads and pies, not fussy, just simply made with good ingredients. There are soups and polentas, fritters and side dishes too. The vegetables are all those that I love to grow but need inspiration to cook, such as cardoon, radicchio, fennel bulbs, red cabbage and interesting things to do with zucchinis that I had never tried before. It is not vegetarian but meat recipes are few, reflecting the seasonal lifestyle of rural Italians.   Check out the pasta bake recipe here on my Vegetable Vagabond blog.

Inside the book

Inside the book

Vegetables from an Italian Garden


One thought on “Vegetables from an Italian Garden

  1. I too have this wonderful book. Now that fall is fast approaching, I’m looking forward to trying the ‘Fall’ recipes, especially ‘Baked Pumpkin with Potatoes’, which also features diced tomatoes. I’m trying to coincide the last of my tomatoes with the earliest of pumpkins, but that doesn’t look likely!


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