Fathers Day at the Cygnet Market

It’s a double market this weekend at the Cygnet Market to celebrate Spring.

What do we have for Fathers Day?

For starters, we have lots of gardening things, including the new season’s range of watering cans from UK and men’s favourite gardening tool, the Ho Mi.

galvanised watering can

galvanised watering can

We have books on gardening and cooking.

Dads will love our Johnston almonds, the best almonds in the world.  Plus we have more Brazil Nuts and sundried Apricots and Pears and lots of other snack packs.

We’ve noticed more men coming along to our sourdough workshops lately and there are still places available for next weekends workshop. Ask Kate about the workshop or buying a Sourdough Kit.

Don’t forget to visit us up on the stage.  Enjoy the music and the food and everything else that the Cygnet Market has to offer.

Enjoy Fathers Day where ever you are!

Up on the Stage

Up on the Stage

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