Nigella seeds

Nigella seeds are grown mostly in Egypt and India and are harvested from the Nigella sativa plant (love in the mist).  In Australia, it grows well in hot dry climates such as South Australia.  Nigella seeds are black, triangular and about the size of sesame seeds.  The flavour of the Nigella seed is described as smoky and peppery.  Nigella seeds impart a flavour combination reminiscent of oregano, black pepper and onion.

nigella sativa flower

nigella sativa flower

Nigella-seeds in hand

Nigella-seeds in hand


The cultivation of Nigella seeds has been known for millenia and were reported as having been found in various ancient egyptian sites including Tutankhamuns tomb.

Culinary Uses :

· Used as a decorative spice for tossing onto flat breads (such as naan).

· Can be sprinkled on savoury biscuits or pastries, as well as over salads.

· Can be added to any type of curry or stew, and to dahl.
Nigella is one of the ingredients in the Bengal mix of five whole spice seeds known as panch phora.

Look for our recipe; Chicken Tagine with nigella seeds.

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