Simply the best pasta

I don’t like to compromise.  When I came to live in Cygnet three years ago, I tried to buy really top quality (organic) pasta.  I had been spoiled when I was living in Adelaide and I tried a few different pastas here but none measured up to the fabulous taste and texture of the L’Abruzzese pasta that I was used to.

When I went back to Adelaide, I went to visit Carmelo and pleaded with him to be able to buy his pasta – of course, Carmelo is lovely and immediately agreed.

This, and a few other things that I could not live without here in Cygnet, was really the start of the Garden Shed and Pantry.

About L’Abruzzese:

Many of the pasta products available in Australia are imported and therefore cannot be assured of being G-E free. L’Abruzzese pasta is made with top quality, all Australian ingredients, free of chemicals and any genetic engineering.

Established in 1980, L’Abruzzese Pty Ltd continues to create fine quality home-style egg noodles, gourmet and organic pasta using traditional methods, with only the freshest and natural Australian ingredients (no chemical, no preservatives, no genetically modified elements). The result is pasta with a unique, home-style look and superb taste “just like grandma makes”!

A small family owned, and local company, they serve Australia wide retail food & hospitality arenas and are HACCP approved for food safety and NASAA 100% Certified Organic (reg 5195 P).

The difference between L’Abruzzese Pty Ltd pasta and other brands is its home-style look and taste.

L’Abruzzese use only traditional methods in manufacturing to help retain the natural flavours and hence, taste.  L’Abruzzese also hand-pack their pasta, ensuring its quality.

pasta range

pasta range

All L’Abruzzese pastas use the finest Australian ingredients including farm-fresh eggs (in the egg varieties) and top quality wheats with no chemicals or preservatives, together with a slow-drying process, anywhere between 20 to 48 hours. The result is a myriad of pasta shapes that not only have a unique look and superb taste but also hold well in the cooking process.

Sourcing the best Australian ingredients has lead to a fostering of solid, long-term relationships with premium wheat suppliers and flour mill producers in both South Australia and nation wide.

Twenty years on, the company now specializes in an extensive range of tasty egg and gourmet flavoured pasta as well as delicious certified organic pasta.

The name L’Abruzzese originates from the Italian region Abruzzo, found in the middle of Italy approximately east of Lazio, the region which houses Rome. It is said that the best pasta in Italy comes from Abruzzo.

L’Abruzzese Pty Ltd has won the Prime Minister’s Employer of the Year Award for SA Small Business for employing people with a disability and In 2004 the company was a Winner of the Premier’s Food Awards for excellence in food manufacture in South Australia.

If you simply want the absolutely best pasta, you can be confident that The Garden Shed and Pantry has just what you need.  We stock the gourmet organic range of L’Abruzzese pasta.  The gluten-free range is also delicious and we keep at least two different varieties of this range to cater for these customers. Some of the L’Abruzzese pasta comes pre-packaged but most of the pasta is delivered in bulk and we can package to the size the customer wants.

You’re simply the best, better than all the rest …….Mmm, it can’t be wrong!

prepackaged pasta

prepackaged pasta


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