Olives at the Cygnet Market

Pat and Olive Trees

Pat shows us his Olive Trees

We have been selling (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil and Olives from Patlin Gardens at the Cygnet Market for over one year now.  Up until now we have been able to provide one sort of olive at each market by alternating the varieties.  Of course, some people have preferences and they were a little disappointed to find that “their” olive wasn’t the one we had at the market the Sunday that they visited.

Worry no more!  During my last trip back to South Australia, I discussed this “problem” with Pat and Lina and we now have a solution!

We have just taken delivery of  two special containers to store each of the olives that we currently sell. The varieties that we currently sell are the jumbo kalamata and the black manzanillo.

Special Olive Pail

Special Olive Container

These containers will allow us to store the olives in the right environment which means that we will be able to bring some of the olives to the market that have been marinaded and the remainder will remain in the brine (and sold direct from the pail).

Taste and enjoy the quality of award-winning South Australian Olives at the Cygnet Market!

Read here about our visit to Patlin Gardens.

Check out the recipe for the marinade for the Olives we sell at the Cygnet Market.


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