Organic Quinoa Flour now available

With quinoa becoming more popular not only as a wonderful, gluten free flour but also as an exceptional cake flour, we felt it was time to source some organic quinoa flour for The Garden Shed and Pantry.  Presently there are very few farmers of quinoa in Australia and there is no quinoa being milled commercially for flour in Australia.

Checking all of our contacts produced very little information.  Moreover, there are specialist retailers selling quinoa flour at prices we would be uncomfortable charging.

While I was in South Australia, I was able to contact a woman recently returned from Bolivia who is involved in the importing of quinoa flour and has regular contact with the farmers over there.

Irupana Andean Organic Food S.A. is a Bolivian business with a strong sense of social responsibility, which manufactures and sells natural and organic foods produced by small farmers in the indigenous communities from the highlands, valleys and tropical areas around the Andean Range of Bolivia.

Organic Royal Quinoa Flour

Organic Royal Quinoa Flour

We now have Organic Gluten-free Royal Quinoa Flour from Bolivia.  You can read more about the Bolivian agro ecological phenomenon which is unique in the world if you go to the Irupana website.

Organic Gluten-free Royal Quinoa Flour is available in 500g and 1kg bags from the Garden Shed and Pantry and the Cygnet Market.


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