Organic Sun-dried Pears

Following on from the popular sun-dried apricots are sun-dried pears.

Sun-dried Pears

Sun-dried Pears

Kevin and Cindy Legg are organic farmers committed to producing quality certified organic fruit.

Their property is located in Cadell (near Morgan) in South Australia’s riverland less than a kilometre from the Murray River.

Kevin and Cindy Organics produce the highest quality organic fresh and sun dried fruits and vegetables
All of their apricots, pears, peaches and plums are naturally dried with no sulphur, preservatives or electricity!  Just lots of sunshine!


Sun dried pears are available in the 200 gram snack pack and larger sizes by request.

Enjoy the healthy eating available from the Cygnet Market or at The Garden Shed and Pantry.


4 thoughts on “Organic Sun-dried Pears

  1. Hello from Maui, Hawaii! I would like to order your dried pears , do you ship to the Hawaiian Islands? They look amazing !
    Blessings and Aloha, Katie


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  3. Reblogged this on kidswithgerd and commented:
    Dried fruit is a great snack for kids with GERD and there are so many different varieties you can get these days – apricot, pears, mangoes etc. It’s great to see that organic dried fruit is now becoming readily available. Have a look at these delicious treats –


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