Turkish Spice Grinder

Lately there have been some beautiful spice programmes on TV. As I have travelled through each of them, in my lounge room, I have been mesmerised by the different ways the cultures of the spice world grind spices. They range from wooden and stone mortar and pestles, some tall and thin, some wide and heavy, to intricately adorned brass and bronze hand grinders.

Determined to bring some of these exotic accessories to my customers, I have searched high and low for exactly what I saw the spice merchants of Istanbul using. These solid brass, genuine Turkish spice grinders are just gorgeous. A perfect and practical addition to your spice kit or an attractive and unusual gift for the cook who has (almost) everything!

Turkish Spice Grinder

Turkish Spice Grinder

Crafted by a 5th generation Turkish manufacturing family, this brass grinder is approx. 10 cm high.

Prior to use, to clean the mechanism, grind rice and then discard.
In order to keep the grinder nice and clean, it should be wiped with a dry cloth after every use.
Do NOT immerse in water as the internal grinding mechanism will deteriorate.
The grinder can be polished with a soft cloth and brasso or similar.
This Spice Grinder can be obtained from the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.

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