This week at the Cygnet Market

New Organic Products
We have sun-dried pears, cacao nibs, ground turmeric, cinnamon sticks and wild harvested long pepper. The range of spices I have is expanding every week and I get fresh supplies regularly so you can always be sure of the best flavours. In addition, we have limited stocks of the cutest little spice grinder from Turkey so that you can grind the spices you buy from The Garden Shed and Pantry!

Turkish Spice Grinder

Turkish Spice Grinder

This week is a bucket of the black manzanillo; beautifully ripe with a great, full flavour. $10 / 500g
The koroneiki oil I have now is very popular at $12 / 750ml bottle or $60 / 5 litre container.

olive oil large or small

olive oil large or small

Winter grains
It is porridge and soup time and I have fresh supplies of organic, Australian soup mix, pearl barley, rolled oats, red and green lentils etc etc etc for all your cooking needs. I often make quinoa porridge with 1/2 quinoa, 1/2 oats. Don’t forget, if you wish to mill your own grains, I have access to 20 kg bags of almost every organic grain grown in Australia, at very good prices.

High Teas Experience
Have you checked out our Travel the World on the High Teas workshop information? Please read all about it here. We are still taking bookings and there will now be an additional date (still to be determined).

Sourdough Workshops
There are workshops available in July and August to learn how to make Sourdough Bread.  You can access the doodle by clicking here.  You can read all about the sourdough workshops on the GaSP website and please contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to sharing with you my passion for fresh, organic, Australian ingredients, direct from the farmer or maker to me. It makes a world of difference!

Come and see us on the stage at the market this Sunday and remember to give us your best smile for our photographer and the GaSP Take 10 Competition!

All the best,

Kate and Lenny

Up on the Stage

Up on the Stage

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