Organic Pumpkin Seeds

We have recently added pumpkin seeds to our snack pack range and, instantly, they have become very popular!  Australian Pumpkin Seed Company deals exclusively in the special ‘naked’ dark green pumpkin seed. The seed naturally grows without the hard fibrous casing of regular pumpkin seeds making it the easiest to eat and process.  The type of seed originated through a natural mutation some 300 years ago in the Styrian region of Austria and Slovenia (Europe).

Roasted and lightly salted

Roasted and lightly salted

As well as having a wonderful ‘healthy green’ nutty flavour, these dark green pumpkin seeds are well known for their high oil content.

Also known as a Superfood, pumpkin seeds are packed full of nutrients. One handful will give you:

  • a protein boost – supplying a well balanced form of all the essential amino acids which are very nourishing, energising and easily digestable.
  • iron and phosphorus – promoting healthy blood development and efficient  nerve and mental activity.
  • magnesium – necessary for muscle relaxation
  • zinc – known for its many functions in the body including the healing and maintenance of tissues, enhancing the immune system.
  • antioxidant vitamins A & E – protects cells from free radical damage and aids the body to grow, maintain and heal.
  • B group vitamins – necessary to process protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  • essential fatty acids contained in the oil which make up to 45 – 50% of the total seed, supply and transport vitamins to the body, reduce cholesterol and support the reproductive and urinary tract.
  • No cholesterol
Australian Pumpkin Seed Company

Australian Pumpkin Seed Company

Pumpkin Seeds can easily be added to:

• salads

• pizza

• stirfries

• bread

• cakes

• biscuits

• your morning cereal

• garnishing any dish

• fruit salad

Our Pumpkin Seeds are available raw or gently dry roasted (to maintain nutritional quality) and flavoured to give you variety. The range includes:

  • Natural (raw) – ideal for salads, bread, biscuits etc
  • Traditional (gently dry roasted & lightly rock salted) – a great and healthy snack!

Our Snack Pack range includes:

Organic Sundried Apricots

Organic Pistachios

Organic Roasted (lightly salted) Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Cacao Nibs

Organic Fruit and Nut mix, and

Organic Brazil Nuts

To complement our range of organic nuts and dried fruits, you can now purchase Pumpkin Seeds at the Garden Shed and Pantry or at the Cygnet Market.  We also sell the famous, worlds best almonds, Johnston Almonds, local hazelnuts and walnuts.

Enjoy the healthy eating available from the Cygnet Market.


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