This Week at the Cygnet Market

It is time to sow broad beans and plant out more coriander seedlings. It is time to make soups and tagines and delectable desserts. It is time for slow cooked curries, pea and ham soup and slow roasted hogget; time to make nutritious and full-flavoured stocks; time for root vegetable soups and rich, meaty pies….. and for great sourdough breads.

Whatever ingredients you need, from spices to soup mix, from pearl barley to quinoa, from dried apricots to extra virgin koroneiki olive oil, from almonds to marinated, Jumbo Kalamata olives, from porridge oats to rain-fed rice, from wheat flours to gluten free flours and from spaghetti to wattleseed tubes, you are sure to find it at The Garden Shed and Pantry.

Organic, Australian and individually sourced from the farmers and makers, by Kate; it makes a world of difference, to your health, to our responsibility as Australians and to the state of our world. You may be interested to read more about some of these ideas in a previous piece I wrote…. here.

See you at the Cygnet Market this Sunday, 10 – 2.

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