Uniquely sourced for your good health

I open my Pantry Room door and smile…. what could be better than having an organic, Australian wholefoods shop in your kitchen!

Knowing that everything is freshly grown, dried, milled or made plus talking to all the farmers and makers personally, is infectious and fabulous.

I love cooking with ingredients I have never cooked with before…. I love being able to help people with food intolerances find nutritious, delicious things to eat…. I love the smells of the fresh spices when I open my sealed boxes to package them for the market….

Humanity is dying from the effects of chemicals and of over-processed foods…. these things we know already.

What is newer to our understanding is that although foods on the shelves in shops contain preservatives to stop them going off, processed foods begin to change and go rancid much sooner than previously realised and often this cannot be detected by taste. Rancidity is carcinogenic.

In ancient times, grains were often milled daily, animals were milked daily and fruits and vegetables were picked fresh. If they were to be left unused for some time, they were fermented, (such as sauerkraut, yoghurt, pickled cucmbers etc) which stops them going rancid.

Most of the grains I sell are processed to order. For these, I have small, weekly orders, ensuring everything is milled as close to when you buy it as is possible. So, the rolled oats you buy were oats that were rolled only days ago; the flour is milled from organic grain in the same way. Etc etc.

Many of the grains do not require milling, and consequently, remain fresh for a longer period. For example, whole quinoa which is locally grown in Northern Tasmania. This, and all the other grains I stock are organic.

The dried fruits are the new season’s; dried with nothing added. Organic and Australian too. The almonds are cracked to order and they sell so fast they are never more than a few weeks out of their shells. My spices are the top of the range, bought in small quantities and stored in dark, 100% airtight containers. The list is endless!! I often have to wait an extra few days for part of my pasta order to be made or to dry, that is how fresh it is!

I have never heard of a shop which goes to so much trouble to source freshly processed ingredients! But it is my passion and what I insist on eating myself so I pass it on to my customers too.

Come and enjoy real food, knowing that every care has been taken to ensure it is full of nutrients and is in its freshest possible state for you and your family.

Visiting Pat and his olive trees, with my son Hugh

Visiting Pat and his olive trees, with my son Hugh

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