April Sourdough workshop – photos and feedback

There has been an increased amount of interest in all of my workshops recently so it was time for another sourdough bread making workshop.  A full house equals eight interested participants.  And what a lively, engaged bunch they were!

It was a good chance for me to work on my delivery because I will be doing a sourdough presentation in Hobart next week.  More about that later though.

I recommend Four Leaf Organic grains

I recommend Four Leaf Organic grains

Some of the things we discuss include the origins and history of sourdough, the importance of using ingredients of the highest quality and ensuring that they are appropriate for the task (in this case, breadmaking), care and feeding of the starter, getting the mix right with temperature and time, proofing bowls and other equipment required and how to bake in different ovens.

Busy kitchen

Busy kitchen

The cost of the workshop is $45 and includes the kit that I sell at the Cygnet Market.  The Market kit has all of the instructions for making sourdough bread plus the ingredients required for two standard loaves.

The ingredients include the special sourdough starter and the flours are all organic flours of the highest quality from Four Leaf Milling in South Australia.  Flour from dry-land farming in South Australia has all of the characteristics that are best suited to bread-making including sourdough. The Workshop kit also contains one dough scraper and a collection of my favourite bread recipes.  Everyone loves the dough scraper.

preparing dough for second rising

preparing dough for second rising

choosing polenta to decorate dough

choosing polenta to decorate dough

dusting hot cast iron pot

dusting hot cast iron pot

The morning session includes breakfast and this time we had Hazelnut and Date Loaf in addition to sourdough and normal (bread machine) bread.  Some people had Orange Blossom Honey on their bread and we also enjoy coffee or tea.

Hazelnut and Date Loaf

Hazelnut and Date Loaf

Contact me if you would like to come along to one of the next workshops.

Photos from the participants:

 Thanks for a great workshop.  Attached is a picture of the end product.  Lucky I took the photo before dinner because there is none left now so I take that at as a sign it was good. 

Thanks againand will see you at the markets soon
Posie's breads

Posie used her new bread baskets this time

Lynette's loaf
Lynette’s loaf
Posie and Andrew's loaves

Posie and Andrew’s loaves show success with the bread tin and waterbath method


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