Time to clean your conscience?

Eco cleaning products…

Created, made and bottled in Tasmania, Tracey and the team at Clean Conscience aim to provide an ethical, honest and authentic alternative to chemical-based cleaning and show why using back to basic cleaning agents such as bicarb-soda, essential oils, vinegar and pure soap are the best choice for a healthier life and the future of our planet.

Now available at The Garden Shed and Pantry:-

    Laundry powder

Multipurpose Kitchen Spraykitchen_small


Cream cleanser


Air Freshener

The philosophy of the Clean Conscience team

“Clean Conscience is a small company driven by a genuine interest in raising awareness about environmentally responsible products.

We believe in the power of one and in starting small to make a difference.

We also believe strongly in honesty about our products.

Clean Conscience is enormously proud that our products use back to basic ingredients that contain no nasty chemicals, toxins or synthetic surfactants (including plant derived). See products for full ingredient listing.

We pride ourselves on our ingredient selection, manufacturing processes and ethical values to deliver an effective and hard working wholesome cleaning product with minimal impact on the environment.

This approach and philosophy extends to our choice of suppliers, resources included in manufacturing and employment of staff with matching ideals. At Clean Conscience we thoroughly research both the ingredients used in our products and the companies that supply them. This rigorous process ensures we can deliver a genuine, ethical and trustworthy eco cleaning product.

We also have a strong commitment to re-use and reduce wherever possible. As a result we passionately encourage all our customers to refill their Clean Conscience products.

But most importantly it is our aim to get you thinking – about the products you purchase, what they contain and their effects on our valuable planet.”

You can make a difference – read more about the unsustainable products used in cleaners (such as palm oil) here.

Don’t Palm Us Off, an Australian Zoo initiative will be re-launched this month.  Read more about what you can do to assist here.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Gandhi


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