Sweet! Sally Wise

Sally Wise is well known in Tasmania for her cooking and her Jams and Preserves talkback session on ABC Radio.  Sally is also an author of cooking books.

We have available the most popular of the Sally Wise cooking books.

Sweet! Sally Wise

Over 250 of Sally’s best recipes for treats: puddings, slices, confectionery, cakes and biscuits. Also includes recipes for those watching their sugar and fat intake.

Indulge yourself now.

A Year in a bottle

Sally Wise has been a passionate preserver of fruits and vegetables for many years. More than just a method to create nutritional food from seasonal produce, preserving is a way of life, a highly addictive hobby, and you too will become hooked.

In this book, Sally provides over 100 of her favourite recipes for making your own preserves and conserves. From luscious jellies and jams to delicious pickles and chutneys, this inspiring and practical book makes preserving easy and fun. It includes simple recipes, technical advice and helpful hints to ensure success every time.

Slow Cooker

In Slow Cooker, Sally shares her favourite slow cooker recipes. Drawn from her collection created over thirty years of preparing tasty, economical and nutritious meals for her family, they include soups, mains – beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetables – and even desserts.

Sally believes that a slow cooker should be among the kitchen tools of every budget-conscious or busy person. Over 120 easy and delicious recipes for all seasons.

Slow Cooker 2

In the follow-up to the best selling Slow Cooker book from 2009, Sally provides us with another 100 plus recipes.   This new book features tips on how to cook many of the dishes for smaller families or for households of one or two, and many more recipes for vegetable and fish dishes.  Of course, there are also new recipes for soups, chicken, lamb, pork, beef and more desserts.

Get these and other great cook books from the Cygnet Market or at the Garden Shed and Pantry.


2 thoughts on “Sweet! Sally Wise

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  2. I just bought a slow cooker so I’ll have to get a copy of her recipe book. I have read Year in a Bottle and the recipes are just gorgeous. A fantastic cook and author – thanks for sharing!


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