Rain Fed Rice

The Garden Shed and Pantry is very pleased to announce a new (sustainable) stock line:

Biodynamic, Rain Fed, Fragrant, Long Grain Brown Rice.

The average Australian rice grower uses five Olympic-size swimming pools of water to grow one single hectare of rice!


Brett Slater just sits back and waits for the summer rains.  He is one of the country’s first farmers to produce commercial quantities of rain-fed rice.

Up until now, Australia has produced the majority of its rice using paddy production techniques.

Australian rice growers use almost 13 megalitres of water per hectare per season, more than double that used by cotton farmers and triple the amount used by vegetable growers.

Brett, who also grows soy beans, wheat and barley, said the wet summers in northern NSW made rice-growing a logical crop for the region.

”We’ve got such a high summer rainfall. It fits in pretty well for us here.”


Each hectare of the Slater farm produces half the yield – five tonnes – of conventional growers, but without the need for water allocations.
”We sow it like a normal crop of wheat or soy beans and, because of our high summer rainfall, it just grows,” he said.

Rather than truck the unprocessed ‘paddy rice’ to Leeton in the NSW Riverina for milling, Brett bought his own mill to produce rice that was not only rain-fed but boasted ‘low carbon miles’.


Nutrition value of Brown Rice:

Brown rice retains its bran and as such has a higher nutritional value than most other rice.  It also retains the Vitamin B that other rice lacks.

Brown Rice contains:

70% available protein (not complete protein unless combined with a legume, nuts or seeds).

High levels of: manganese, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium and fibre.

Brown rice is gluten free.

Biodynamic, Rain Fed, Fragrant, Long Grain Brown Rice is available from the Garden Shed and Pantry in one kg bags or in larger sizes by request.  Soyabeans from Slater Farms are also available in the same sizes.

Now you can enjoy sustainable Australian grown rice and not feel guilty about destroying the Murray Darling system.


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