Seed Sowing Guide – February

Sow these seeds in February:

Sow these seeds in the garden:

Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’ and ‘Chioggia’

Broccoli Raab

Broccoli ‘Purple Sprouting’ and ‘De Cicco’

Brussels Sprouts ‘Diablo’ F1

Cabbages ‘Munchkin’ F1 and ‘Red Express’


Carrots ‘Merida’, ‘Amsterdam Forcing’ and ‘Scarlet Nantes’

Cauliflower ‘All Year Round’

Chamomile ‘Roman’

Chicory ‘Red Rib’ and ‘Pain de Sucre’

Collards ‘Champion’


Endive ‘Rhodes’

English Marigold

Kai-Lan ‘Chinese Kale’

Kale ‘Toscano / Cavolo Nero’ and ‘Dwarf Blue Curled’

Kohl Rabi ‘Kolibri’ F1

Kohl Rabi ‘Superschmelz’

Komatsuna, green

Leek ‘Bulgarian Giant’

Lettuces ‘Flashy Trout Back’, ‘Winter Density’, & ‘Rouge d’Hiver’


Mizuna ‘Purple’

Pak-Choi ‘White Stem Cantong’

Pak-Choi ‘Red Choi’ F1

Parsley Mix

Radicchio ‘Rossa di Treviso’

Radish ‘Easter Egg’

Radish ‘Nero Tondo’

Radish ‘Watermelon’

Radish Oiental ‘Daikon’

Rocket,  ‘Heirloom’


Spinach ‘Tyee’ F1, ‘Steadfast’ & ‘Bloomsdale Longstanding’

Swede ‘Tasmanian Butter’

Winter Savory

tomatoes in the new seed rack

You can buy these seeds from my market stall at The Cygnet Market.

If you need any further advice, please ask. My father ran a successful nursery for many years in Adelaide and I have grown up amongst trees, plants and seeds. I want people to be able to grow their own food.

If you would like to purchase Cottage Garden seeds or Native seeds, you can order these from us at Cygnet Market.

All of my products are also available most days from 1pm at The Garden Shed and Pantry, Cygnet


4 thoughts on “Seed Sowing Guide – February

  1. I live in Northern Tasmania, is there any way that I could purchase your vegetable seeds aside from heading down South? I am particularly interested in some Amaranth seed (any kind that you have) but am also very interested in your other seed. I just found you blog and subscribed to both Vegetable Vagabond and here. Glad to see that there are other plant maniacs out there that love life 🙂


    • Hi Steve,
      I have some amaranth seeds I have saved myself. I am not doing too well with them here in Cygnet, although they all germinated just fine. Just very slow growing. I’d be happy to send you some.
      The rest of the seeds I source through Southern Harvest Seeds and a bloke called Sam who lives near Kingston. Look up his website and you can order online.
      Glad you like my blog and website!
      All the best,


      • I would LOVE to try some amaranth Kate :). We have a very different climate up here than you guys down there apparently. I live on the Tamar River in Sidmouth on a 4 acre property and we have both been studying horticulture for a few years now but this is our very first foray into edible gardening. We come from Western Australia so feel a kindred spirit with you and your delightful picture at the top of your page on your other website is lovely :). I was excited to find a blog in Tasmania with a common ethos as aside from a few select areas further up north, there aren’t many of us around these parts ;). Would you like me to send you a stamped addressed envelope or just give you my address for the seed? Cheers for the heads up on where you get your seed by the way. I thought that you sold your own as I didn’t really have time to read the post about your market stall and just assumed the seed was yours :). I am 50km away from Launceston out here and it’s too far to go in for the monthly seed swap event so I might have to bite the bullet and start one out here :). I am just off now to check out Southern Harvest Seeds and thank you, again, for sharing them with me (I hadn’t heard of them before today).
        All the best
        Fran 🙂


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