Growing Vegetables South of Australia by Steve Solomon

Steve Solomon - Growing Vegetables South of Australia

Steve Solomon is a gardening legend in Tasmania and prior to that, in the US of A.  Since coming to Tasmania in 1998, Steve has turned his hand to producing vegetables all year round, in Northern Tasmania.  There are over 200 pages in the all-new third edition.

If you grow vegetables or fruit in Tasmania, then this should be the first book you buy.

This fabulous book includes:

  • when to sow every type of vegetable in Tasmania, a year-round Tasmanian planting calendar
  • the best varieties of vegetables to grow in Tasmania, and how and where to get high quality seeds
  • Getting 12 months of food production every year without using a greenhouse; the art of winter gardening
  • Growing melons, eggplant and other heat-lovers without a greenhouse.
  • the basics of natural gardening including soil building, irrigation, garden planning, fertilisers, compost, etc
  • raising vegies without mains water
  • defeating local insect pests, without resorting to chemical poisons and how to work around vegetable diseases.

Steve Solomon has unfailingly grown a huge vegetable garden since 1973.  He is the author of eight previous veggie gardening books, all of these were written for the Cascadia Bioregion (western Oregon and Washington states).  There the climate is a mirror image of Tasmania’s.
Steve founded, built up and later sold a mail-order garden vegetable seed company in the USA.  During those years he grew extensive varietal trials.  Doing this gave him a unique understanding of how to achieve the full food-production potential of our maritime climate.
He lives and gardens on red krasnozem soil in Grindelwald, TAS.  Steve produces over half his family’s food from his garden.  He maintains his health by making his own fresh vegetables a majority of his diet and so concentrates on producing during the winter instead of preserving.

Steve says, “I write REGIONAL garden books providing specific information for a climatic zone. Twice now I have found myself in a region (same climate, strangely) where the indigenous people had no indigenous source of information — Cascadia and Tasmania. So I supply the need. I do this mainly because I wish to engender independent living and non-dependency.”

Steve’s detailed notes include a vegetable  by vegetable guide, as well as informed and informative chapters on soil, water, seed and pests. Many gardeners use the recipe for his Complete Organic Fertiliser with great results.

I am very pleased to be able to sell Steves book (the latest 3rd edition) at the Cygnet Market.

2013 update: Read about the new 5th Edition here.

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